A young victim of bullying at school realizes that even the adult world is dominated by fear similar to his own. He pays a high price when he decides to fight back.

A young victim of bullying at school realizes that even the adult world is dominated by fear similar to his own. He pays a high price when he decides to fight back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Todd S (mx) wrote: very insightful. highly recommend it.

Vladimir G (br) wrote: Una fatalidad para el cine mexicano.

Ryan W (fr) wrote: This movie is extremely underrated in my opinion. The cast all give memorable and great performances with much grace, the characters are well developed with sympathetic motivation, the story is emotionally resonant & touching also the film can be very funny when it decides to be.I never thought I would be giving a film with 41% on RT this rating but I honestly loved this film and think it deserves a LOT more credit5/5

Cathy C (fr) wrote: Having nice stereo 3D and amazing comedy. MVA is an big in your face adventure. Review by Logan Cornn.

minielphaba 2 (it) wrote: very very very very very weird, i neva understood it

Thomas T (br) wrote: Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker continues to explore the intriguing world of Batman Beyond, while also delivering some unforgettable moments thanks to the Joker's involvement.

Ben H (ru) wrote: isabelle huppert makes every film great but the dialogue and twists and turns of this chabrol make up for any pour supporting cast and camera technique.

Grant K (br) wrote: Dark, cynical, dumb an unbelievable, "Simon Birch" is a forgettable turd with little redeeming qualities.

MeloD A (fr) wrote: It reached me on some level. I understood but cannot describe what I got from the movie.

Anne F (it) wrote: A film set in Newcastle that has more Americans and Poles in it than Geordies (Sting was the token Geordie). Hmm. Still it was better than the other Figgis films I've seen.

Jennifer X (es) wrote: Just as bad and boring as Mark Harris's Pictures at a Revolution makes it out to be.

Dena (gb) wrote: I honestly have not met one other single person who has seen this movie! It is fabulous classic and should be required viewing by every family out there. Anyone who has seen Little Women should also see I Remember Mama!

Emily T (es) wrote: dancing. the word "dame."

Caesar B (au) wrote: This is a B-movie if ever there was one, they should have called it 'Cage does Bangkok'. In his job as international hitman he's sent off to Bangkok to slay some evil Bangkokians and along the way he takes in a local as his protg and falls in love with a homely tranny mime. His gloomy ass is happy at some point, but you just know it's gonna end poorly, BD is damn predictable in that regard. In the first act Cage explains his four rules to being a hitman and then he spends the entire film breaking them ten times over with dire consequences. The action scenes are downright boring at times, I found myself typing this review during most of them. This movie is set up like a fucking advert for Thailand, the creator of this movie obviously spent a lot of time there, fell in love with the country and wanted to pay homage to it by making this (or some such shit, ykwim). Unfortunately, I just don't enjoy Thailand at all. Why? Well, because of its culture, food, history, infrastructure, people and smells, so I'm not buying what they're selling. Thai bashing aside, this really is a mediocre flick, Cage shouldn't have signed up for it and I wouldn't recommend it to anybody unless it was part of a dare.

Darrin C (ca) wrote: This has an interestingly enough story to stay tuned at first, but I wouldn't call it a "horror flick". It's more about a city boy who's unaccepted in a hick town where nobody but a country girl believes him. Things don't pick up until 13 minutes are left.

Cynthia H (us) wrote: This is a really good "old" movie! I had never seen it until a couple days ago. Perfect for holiday, or any day if you have time to lay in front of the television all day!