Six men, one woman (and her brother) come together with one goal - to make the play. It would be probably another common story that this theater group is composed of anti-heroes who float lost in time and space, in a town where it seems that the sun sets in the east. Led by Sasha, a director who has recently returned to his hometown, this group of socially neadaptiranih amateurs starting the fight to their demons and the prejudices that surround them in the society. For dramaturgical template selection western and riding on stereotypes of the genre of the struggle between good and evil, the conflict between civilization and wilderness, the protagonists develop their life stories inevitably influencing and changing each other. Although, as time passes, the show looks increasingly like a mission impossible, almost all of its stakeholders is increasingly seen as a metaphor for their fate and get caught for it as the opportunity of a lifetime .

The film Cowboys is a comedy based on a Croatian hit theater play. It is a story of eight outsiders who trying to create a theater play while breaking every rule of theater craft. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cowboys torrent reviews

Ash G (jp) wrote: sad at times but rly good!

Steve B (au) wrote: Of course, it's damn too much, but that's how it is!

Patrick S (mx) wrote: A fine job by two of best actors in the industry...

Ron B (ru) wrote: How are films rated, who rates them and why? These three simple questions serve as the basis for this documentary. The answers are surprising: The MPAA doesn't want you to know. Say what? The MPAA really doesn't want anyone to know how it rates movies, who serves as movie raters or why a film gets an R or the dreaded NC-17 rating which can mean millions less in box office and DVD sales. So, how how to get the answers? Hire a private investigator to stake out the MPAA. The results are very satisfying.

Kan R (de) wrote: 7/10Who like The Butterfly Effect will like this movie.

Peter K (mx) wrote: Good Luck Chuck made some big mistakes, This was a total train wreck. The movie was not funny, the jokes was terrible and offensive. In overall, this movie made no sense.

Michael H (br) wrote: Immersive experience, not much of a showcase for photography but it is an interesting story.

Lisa R (jp) wrote: This movie was very insightful. It explored how people's lives are intertwined and destiny. People believe in destiny and this movie explores that and being in the right place at the right time. Again movies continue to explore the area of love and true love.... ITS ONLY A MOVIES THING...GET OVER ITWhats the possibility of you being separated from someone u love and finding them years later or being healed.... as i read somewhere recently 'YOU NEVER STOP LOVING SOMEONE U JUST TRY TO LEARN TO LIVE WITHOUT THEM'.If u believe in love still then watch

Ben S (gb) wrote: A tedious and frequently silly thriller.

Gordon B (de) wrote: This movie is nasty, silly,& cheap and if you're a fan of 80s horror films you wouldn't have it any other way

William C (jp) wrote: This has to be one of the most under-rated yet best performances from two actors who are known for dominant characters. The story is a great study of power and its abuse (even when unintentional or with the best of intentions) and is a quiet period piece that relies on story more than anything else.

Willy B (gb) wrote: Although it's a very complex story and not that easy to follow, one should admit that it is really genious. Respect for all the little details that showed creativity and style!

Jessica M (ru) wrote: inspiring. Best movie I've ever seen, it Will always be my favorite.

Sandeep N (it) wrote: Wahlberg, Crowe, Zeta Jones and Atticus Rose for soundtracks.Don't read the reviews cause it's smarter than you think but not as clever as you hope.

Adam A (it) wrote: "Dinner For Schmucks" has a funny premise and a overly silly script to satisfy the easy going audience members, and Carell and Rudds star power sertainly do their best to bring you the laughs, but even that isn't enough for the true regulars.

Mohammed A (us) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Spencer H (gb) wrote: Ugly, not funny, and stupid, That's My Boy is a movie I want to erase from my memory.