Cowboys & Indians

Cowboys & Indians

With the fate of the frontier hanging in the balance, a former cavalry officer is called back into action to rescue a beautiful maiden from the clutches a band of renegade Black Claw Indians led by a frightening medicine man.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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With the fate of the frontier hanging in the balance, a former cavalry officer is called back into action to rescue a beautiful maiden from the clutches a band of renegade Black Claw Indians led by a frightening medicine man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cowboys & Indians torrent reviews

Joseph G (ru) wrote: really wanted to like this movie. but when he cheated on his wife half way thru the movie thats when i shut it off. pretty disappointed.

Caleb C (mx) wrote: Only one more showing of this on thursday at 9pm Edmonton here. Go see it, or if you can, before hand, see Hard Core Logo (first one) This is one of my new favorites for sure. It is a pretty damn well crafted mockumentary of the real life band Die Mannequin. To see Care Failure (lead singer of Die Mannequin) on screen is well worth the price of admission not only for the eyes, but ears as well. Any fan of heavy metal music or goth rock at all will most likely love this, or of course, fans of the original Hard Core Logo as well. Don't miss this one. I am sure it is to become a cult classic at some point.

Kwenton B (au) wrote: A familiar place and scenario, No Mercy for the Rude treads where most Korean/action/gangster flicks usually tread, some of the dialogue is witty, but films like Bitter Sweet Life have already done this, and better.

Melody L (mx) wrote: Very nicely done. Another masterpiece by Ghibli, Spirited Away makes every character lovable no matter what your first impression of them was. With some of the best 2D animation a studio has today, and no antagonists or cliches, this is a one in a million movie that you will never see again. Worth a watch, and has a valuable message no matter what age you are. This is lit.

Jerry T (fr) wrote: This was a great movie, slight acting problems or not. Robert Forster could make up for anything though hes amazing one of my absolutely favorite actors.

WmNoelle P (es) wrote: OMG, even my 6 month old grandson puked when this was on Netflix.

Vincent V (fr) wrote: Without doubt one of the finest noir of the 50s. A greedy, vicious detective becomes involved in the search for a mysterious box which contains a deadly surprise. Spectacular ending.

Gillian M (au) wrote: I thought from the trailer that this was going to be a very passionatetale about a girl stuck with a horrific husband who falls for his bestfriend and a murder is then committed and covered up but that we would still be rooting for the lovers. Now that was pretty much what it was about but i just expected a lot more passion than there actually wasand her husband wasn't horrific at all he was actually a really niceguy who is very unwell. Now i did feel for Therese getting stuck withmarrying her sickly cousin but the outcome was undeserved and rathersad but yeah i know that is the point and that is the reason the storygoes where it goes, however I definitely didn't end up rooting for thelovers. They actually ended up really annoying me when their relationship turned so quickly. The film did manage to powerfullysupport the saying 'be careful what you wish for' though. I won't lie,i mostly just watched this for Oscar Isaac and yes he is good as usualbut also a bit bland as is Elizabeth Olson. Jessica Lange started offwell but she then started overacting just like she did during her laststint on American Horror Story, Shirley Henderson was also very irritating. Definitely worth a watch though if you enjoy period dramasbut this probably won't be one that i revisit. I will however be reading the book at some point in the hope of finding the passion that i expected to be present.