Coyote Falls

Coyote Falls

Wile E. Coyote has ordered an ACME bungee cord and has set up a birdseed trap under a highway bridge. It’s a "foolproof" plan that takes everything into consideration... except oncoming traffic.

Wile E. Coyote has ordered an ACME bungee cord and has set up a birdseed trap under a highway bridge. It’s a "foolproof" plan that takes everything into consideration... except oncoming traffic. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew P (ag) wrote: moving story based on the life of christian music's Rich Mullens

Catherine S (ca) wrote: A pathetic introduction into the musical and Christian film genre, Sunday School Musical is a shameless rip-off of not very good films with terrible acting, a plot filled with plot holes, and extremely bland and sporadic songs. The first of the Asylum's installments into the Christian film genre, Sunday School Musical stars a boy named Zach, a poor boy living in who-gives-a-crap city. He's part of a Sunday School choir that's competing in a statewide choir competition. His choir moves to the next round, but he soon learns he has to transfer to the Crossroads church, whose choir has also moved on but is beyond terrible. When he learns that Crossroads is about to be torn down, his old choir group and the Crossroads Church join together to win the competition. Just by the title, it's obvious that this was supposed to cash in on the infamy of the High School Musicals. While I haven't seen the original movies (and I never want to), I've heard that they're pretty sanitized. And yet, somehow, this film is more sanitized than the original. It's so Christian friendly that anything interesting has been sucked out. It's one of those bad films that's not only bad, but excruciatingly boring. The acting is Asylum standard, so not much to say there. Any of the "original" songs are lazily written and poorly performed and leave no lasting impact, and the actual gospel songs that are in the movie are ones I haven't heard since I was four years old. I mean, I know you have to pay royalties for using songs by more modern artists, but couldn't they have picked ADULT gospel songs instead of "This little light of mine" and "I sing because I'm happy"? Overall, this movie wouldn't appeal to anyone. Musical fans would find this cheap and boring. People who hate the original High School Musical would easily tell that they completely missed the point. People who love the original High School Musical would easily tell that they missed the point. IT'S JUST POINTLESS. Save your money and rent a better musical movie. (Real rating: 4%)

Branham N (it) wrote: Some appeal it may have for some audiences but for me a film that focuses on and features sex as the primary topic just ins't interesting enough. Also it was far too long.

elyn b (nl) wrote: A really bad movie that I never want to see again.

Casey P (br) wrote: I've spent a couple days of my life watching this movie over and over. True story.

Selene N (ag) wrote: coming of age story.

Harry M (it) wrote: Terminator meets The Matrix meets The Killer meets E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial...... A good Saturday night popcorn flick if you don't mind sub-titles.

Ashley P (us) wrote: Not perfect, but well above average. The critics should go back and review this one again. Tom Selleck as the hero, Alan Rickman as the villain and Laura San Giacomo as comic-relief. It just doesn't get much better.

Douglas L (fr) wrote: This was a cool film. I liked the plot a lot, Walter Hill usually impresses me. I like the realness of someone becoming reformed - but then going back to their old ways. It is kind of sad, but at the same time, it happens so much in our world. Handsome made a few mistakes in the film, he shouldnt have robbed his own workplace because Detective morgan freeman was onto him already. I guess Johnny didnt care about getting away with it or not. Its a good crime and drama film, and Mickey Rourke is such a good actor.

Joshua B (gb) wrote: Better than average slasher flick from the 80's. Not too over-the-top in terms of the violence but keeps you guessing the whole way through.

Alex W (mx) wrote: feels like a classic epic from this era. some good history and solid battle scenes.

Francis L (nl) wrote: I enjoy this film quite a bit. Brando's odd casting doesn't affect my impression, since I'm not really a fan of him. Still, I feel that he filled the 'Sakini' role quite well, since I really didn't know it was Brando at first. Glenn Ford (another actor that I do not really know much background about) plays a decent turn as Captain Fisby. Paul Ford's character (and that highly recognizable voice) seems to be directly linked with the Colonel Hall character from the "Sergeant Bilko" television series. And the character fits. Finally, there's Eddie Albert. His role is strikingly different from his characterization of the shell-shocked Colonel Norval Bliss in "Captain Newman, M.D.". In fact, it's practically a complete 180-degree turn - this time playing an enthusiastic psychologist who is thought by Colonel Purdy to have totally 'flipped out'. As for the plot, I find it to be rather interesting that the role of the United States following World War II is portrayed as being the overbearing father of a child that actually knows what they're doing, and is quite capable of manipulating their parent (or overseer) to their own end. Several amusing sequences abound, such as the initial trip to Tobiki (which Brando seems to thoroughly enjoy playing), the 'discovery' of the yam brandy (including 'the goat test', as well as when 'Fisby' is taking orders for "7-Star", "8-Star" and "10-Star" varieties), and Albert's over-the-top botonist trying to get Colonel Purdy to acquire a couple of gardening books. There is the underlying racist portrayal of the villagers (which was apparently not as objectionable 'back then'), but if you can just sit back and enjoy the story for itself, you should be able to place such objectionable content aside, since the characterizations do nothing to either add or subtract from the plot (other than to emphasize the Japanese locale).

Bronson W (nl) wrote: "Ed Wood" is Johnny Depp's and Tim Burton's best movie out of their eight movies together. It's also their only movie to be shot in black and white. It's also Tim Burton's first R-rated movie and it's also his first movie to not feature Danny Elfman's music score.

Aaron M (ag) wrote: Childs Play is where it all started and it hasn't particularly aged well. That said its still the best in the franchise to date. Although its a ridiculous concepts, credit where its due, its innovative and works well. Where its sequels grows stupid, theres a sort of discipline to the original and because of that its a more suspenseful horror as a result. I find it difficult to find it scary or menacing due to the cliched shots and humour but its definitely entertaining to watch as Chucky becomes the terminator towards the end.