Life on the Rock never seemed easy, but for Mitsy it is especially rough. The teenager has been abandoned by her mother, a particularly unfit parent prone to both the bottle and the sex trade. She is left to be brought up by her mercurial grandmother Bride, who is well-meaning but oppressively suffocating. Mitsy's dreams for the future hinge on her desire to be a hairdresser, but her current emotional well-being revolves around a wee dog named Sparky, an unwanted canine misfit to whom she becomes hopelessly attached. After Bride agrees to let Mitsy take the dog in as a pet, the teen tries desperately to create a happy, safe place for Sparky to thrive.

Life on the Rock never seemed easy, but for Mitsy it is especially rough. The teenager has been abandoned by her mother, a particularly unfit parent prone to both the bottle and the sex ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barney o (nl) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: X-Men: Days of Future past is genious; but mostly it sticks out because the story makes for previously impossible character development that surprisingly rounds out these younger versions to a level of greater depth and interest. It's really because they're tested so much, even beyond the realms of feasable possibility, that you get to see them at their lowest points and understand their arcs seeing them at each end. However, there's no doubting it could have easily felt extremelly bizzare and out of place, but great performances and a comedic edge make for something that just feels so right. The fresh story also allows for the exploration of some new themes for the franchise too, and having Bryan Singer back to direct means the smarter edge is back with the cheesiness and smile it's surface-level meaning requires.WHAT I DIDN'T: Much like where First Class is concerned, the actual writing is fairly weak, and whilst the longer run-time makes for a better exploration, I can't help feeling the big-moment to big-moment effect hinders the experience slightly.VERDICT: This is a unique, fun and character driven entry to the X-Men series that's right up there with the best. Sequels are needed at all ends of this bizzare scale now, and for once I'm craving them like mad.

Phenyeia O (it) wrote: Really great movie to watch

Wan K (ru) wrote: I should learn French.

Mika S (de) wrote: This was a really wonderfully curious, unusual, intriguing, creative and stunningly playful, yet utterly serious/somber theatrical-styled film. It's times like this when I also wish I spoke the language better because I'm certain the translation doesn't do it justice. It's simple, with relatively little dialogue, but A LOT said, via expressions, cinematography, and staging. It's made it to my top 20 list, which takes some doing - and is a film I wouldn't mind watching again (especially as my Japanese improves) and would recommend to those with the patience to let the story and gist of the piece unravel ever so slowly, appreciating not only the plot and characters, but the unique artistic representation of these, through a juxtaposition of theatrical and cinematic elements, reality and imagination, all beautifully, and almost magically criss-crossing and dancing around socio-psychological themes of hope, love, passion, loss and despair.

Jessica H (nl) wrote: predictable, but family friendly.

Joey S (de) wrote: It starts off very slow, but after the first thirty minutes or so Bloody Sunday becomes a powerful, emotional, and painstakingly realistic recreation of one of the darkest days in 20th century Irish history. The actors are for the most part relatively unknown, but their acting is indistinguishable from reality, especially James Nesbitt who stars. The film is shot entirely with a handheld camera, giving it another layer of realism but without making the camerawork nauseating. The film is incredibly moving, especially in the last forty-five minutes, and the last scene is absolutely heartrending. This was one of the first movies from director Paul Greengrass, who later went on to direct the fantastic 9/11 drama United 93 and the latter two Jason Bourne movies, and this is definitely among his better films. Bloody Sunday is not perfect, which the slow first act can attest to, but it is very convincing and very emotional, and its disturbing but affecting as a carefully-made docudrama.

Ted W (mx) wrote: One of the best Martin & Lewis outings with lots of surreal humor and great songs and dancing. Lewis and MacLaine have a wonderful number together reprising Martins Innamorata.

Madeline M (ag) wrote: A melodrama, but one delivered delicately and gently.

Artrs L (kr) wrote: I see life that never comes to pass.

Jacob M (br) wrote: One of my favorite comedies of the past decade.

Amy Z (fr) wrote: Very funny with likeable characters. Fun takes on historical figures and awesome animation, as usual. I loved it.