"Craptastic" is a sketch-comedy film unlike any other. Presented in a "stream of consciousness" manner, characters proceed from one sketch to another, following a single thread that flows ...

"Craptastic" is a sketch-comedy film unlike any other. Presented in a "stream of consciousness" manner, characters proceed from one sketch to another, following a single thread that flows ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roxanne D (us) wrote: Insidious suggests that something harmful and terrifying exists in families. Something that comes from within rather than without. Of course it's one of a canon of horror films that explore the issue, but what is fascinating to me is that family is still a target for horror, and the object of so much anxiety. Here, it isn't the house that is haunted, rather it's the family members themselves. A new house can't save them, they are not safe anywhere they go, because the monsters are attached to them and not the house. However, the house is also subverted in Insidious. It no longer represents a safe haven, rather it's rendered completely useless, or if anything, naught but a playground for the damned. All of the seemingly ubiquitous things, like kids toys and closets become sinister, harnessed for the sake of creating fear and restlessness. Of course I don't need to elaborate on the obvious Hitchcockian allusions.

WS W (es) wrote: Quite refreshing although a bit thin.

Jessi t (mx) wrote: This movie's main audience consists of nitwits who glanced at the cover and assumed it was "Haunting in Connecticut" and picked it up by mistake. That's definitely the vibe that is attempted as well in this horror adaptation of the legend of the Winchester Mystery House. It's a screamingly low-budget picture (hey there, green screen) and in that sense it's kind of charming. The story isn't awful and there are some neat, creepy moments involving the many different ghosts of the victims of Winchester rifles (and also a dead fetus). If you are all right with movies of questionable craftsmanship (read: B-movies) then I think it's easy enough to have some fun with this movie.

revathy v (fr) wrote: superb film... nice expressions and touching film...

Travis H (it) wrote: Crass, but pretty darn hilarious. Completely devoid of moralizing, which is a good thing here. And one hot cast, especially Scott Lunsford."

Cameron M (fr) wrote: Striking an odd but effective balance between its camp silliness and serious tone, National Treasure may have its ridiculous moments but its an entertaining flick none the less.

Zainab P (es) wrote: really great poker movie and good plot and i wanna learn to play poker now

Bobby N (gb) wrote: I can see how it inspired so many films i love, but looking back it just isnt as fresh as it once was

Coki Z (gb) wrote: Buena pelicula, para los que les gustan los dramas densos. Es una pelicula que te deja los sentimientos encontrados y te muestra la vida en varias perspectivas.

VJ B (gb) wrote: Just amazing and honest and heartbreaking. How is this not universally watched and lauded?

maye (fr) wrote: Cary Grant in one of his most boring roles in one of the too-many preposterous romance films made in USA.

Matt H (fr) wrote: A little too much propaganda. Also, I haven't yet been very impressed with a Gary Cooper performance; had Jimmy Stewart been in this I could have bought him much easier - nobody does corn better and more believable than Stewart.

Anthony W (es) wrote: In honor of Halloween I couldn't resist watching this film. A black vampire runs amok! A little sentimental and lovie dovie for a vampire but Blacula is still definitely a cool dude:) This movie was fun to watch.

Ally D (us) wrote: Jovovich was really the only good bit about this movie. Stellan Skarsgard was ok, but Samuel L. Jackson was actually pretty annoying.

Ted W (au) wrote: It's an ok animated movie. Like the topic of surfing but I like documentary surfing movies better. Ok