Crash Dive

Crash Dive

The crew of the nuclear submarine USS Ulysses rescues supposed victims of a boat disaster, but the victims turn out to be terrorists intent on capturing nuclear weapons aboard the sub. Only a former SEAL, now a submarine consultant, can save the crew by sliding aboard while the sub is underwater. The term "crash dive" refers to the sudden dropping of a sub to escape detection, an act that a nuclear sub is never supposed to make. Of course, it comes into play in this film.

The crew of the nuclear submarine USS Ulysses rescues supposed victims of a boat disaster, but the victims turn out to be terrorists intent on capturing nuclear weapons aboard the sub. Only... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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gary t (nl) wrote: WOW.....WOW.....WOW....WOW.....FANTASTIC.....AMAZING.....GENIUS......BRILLIANT....MAN THIS IS SUCH AN INCREDIBLE MOVIE 2 WATCH........its got good cast of actors/actresses throughout this movie.....I think that jeff bridges, Maggie gyllenhaal, Robert duvall, colin Farrell, play good roles/parts throughout this movie....I think that the director of this romance/musical/performing arts movie had done a fantastic job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie....I think that jeff bridges was absolutely brilliant throughout this movie......ProductionDevelopment of original novelThe New York Times said the novel, written by Thomas Cobb, "also functions as a shrewd and funny running critique of contemporary country music." Cobb based the character "Bad" Blake on country music entertainer Hank Thompson, Ramblin' Jack Elliott and Cobb's doctoral advisor in graduate school, Donald Barthelme; Cobb studied with Barthelme in a creative writing class in the University of Houston in the 1980s. When Cobb struggled between using an "upbeat" ending and a "downbeat" ending, Barthelme suggested that Cobb use the "downbeat" ending. The nickname "Bad" came from a sentence that popped into Cobb's mind, "Bad's got the sweats again." "Blake" came from W. Glenn Blake, and a friend from graduate school, and some people Cobb knew in Tucson, Arizona. The book, which was out of print since its original publication, went into print again when the film was released.Pre-productionThe process of creating a film adaptation took many years because the concept was optioned, but was never produced into an actual adaptation until director Scott Cooper produced the film. Cobb assumed that the film would use a more upbeat ending, because the Hollywood film industry often prefers "things that are generally positive".According to Cobb, he had nothing to do with the making of the film. The shooting of a sequence depicting the original book ending occurred; Cooper wanted to use it as the ending, but he did not get final authority to do so. A sequence of Bad Blake visiting his son in Los Angeles was also cut from the final film....The film was released on April 20, 2010, on DVD and Blu-ray. The single-disc DVDs special features included six deleted scenes, while the Blu-ray 2-disc set contained eight deleted scenes (including one in which Bad reunites with his son), plus two alternative music cuts and a short documentary in which the stars discuss "What Brought Them to Crazy Heart".The novel on which the film was based was actually inspired by country singer Hank Thompson. Bridges earned the 2009 Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in the film.Filming took place during 2008 in New Mexico (Albuquerque, Espaola, Galisteo, Santa Fe), in Houston, Texas, and in Los Angeles, California. Original music for the film was composed by T Bone Burnett, Stephen Bruton, Ryan Bingham and others. Bingham and Burnett received the 2009 Academy Award for Best Original Song for co-writing "The Weary Kind", which Bingham also performed.The film was produced for $7 million by Country Music Television, and was originally acquired by Paramount Vantage for a direct-to-video release, but was later purchased for theatrical distribution by Fox Searchlight Pictures. It opened in limited release in the U.S. on December 16, this is such an enjoyable romantic comedy movie 2 watch, it is such an entertaining movie 2 watch, it is such a powerful drama movie 2 watch, its got a fantastic cast throughout this this is such a fantastic movie 2 watch, it is such a really well written/acted/directed movie 2 watch, it is such a stunning movie 2 watch, it is such a brilliant movie 2 watch with a great cast throughout this movie.....

Marianela G (ru) wrote: Tiene algunos momentos divertidos! me sorprend cuando vi a Nikki de One Tree Hill! En fin, para ver una vez y nada mas!

Nancy M (de) wrote: Haha...well I saw the FIRST intallment of the series, LAST!!! But yet another great movie!! I think I watched them last to first!! But still totally enjoyed this series! I wish there were more to come!

FilmGrinder S (de) wrote: 78% "The user freindly reprodutive system."-Sandy (Jeremy Davies) Ummm, wow. Swinton's characters need sperm tea or injections (not the hot beef kind) in order to survive. This one is all over the place. Liked the art direction though.

Jim S (au) wrote: whatEVER! Sort of Barbarella 90210 on acid trying to make David Lynch look dull, middle-aged and coherent. Great colours, interesting interior decor, maybe this is a drugs screw-you-up youth satire (I hope these were all losers, not mentors!) Said to be comic... Dull, dull, dull... though I was annotating formants at the time so maybe I missed something amidst the kink and zombiegore. Annoying "acting" and accents. Actually, I'm embarrassed to say I watched any of this at all. Yuk. I can't be bothered with this sort of decadence - though LA rich kids with swimming pools are no more nauseating than 1950's French / Italian kids in black-n-white with scooters and flick-knives who might still look a bit cool. But nobody's going to be watching this film in decades to come, that's for sure.

Brianna E (es) wrote: I love this one. Steve Martin is hilarious, and the 2nd one was JUST as good as the 1st!

Greg S (us) wrote: A mercenary (presumably at one time in the past a street fighter) tries to protect an heiress while being hunted ny the yakuza and the man whose sister he sold into sex slavery. Sonny Chiba is a badass (and frankly more than a little bit of a dick) and the film gets some violent style points, but aside from its silly brutality it's nowhere near as special as its reputation suggests.

Christine C (au) wrote: Killer tomatoes!? Sounds like a comedy. I have seen one but it was stupid

Sabrina S (jp) wrote: What to do when you are wide awake at 2:30 in the am? Watch this movie and wait for it...wait for it...wait...yup that is Kathy Bates stark raving naked. No sleep for me.

Rob B (es) wrote: A science fiction movie that is kind of a 1960s version of "The Martian" without trying much for the cience part of things. Well written with an engaging plot, dated dialog that sounds very 50s, and overall emotionally satisfying. Holds up pretty well if you close your eyes to the attempted graphics.

Steve W (jp) wrote: Hammy, melodramatic and formulaic to a fault, Pride and Glory is a shade of better corrupt cop movies. The cast has talent no doubt, but only Colin Farrell gets to shine while everyone else seems to be on auto pilot. Jon Voight's only motivation is to say "cops protect cops" and nothing more, while the villains are all one dimensional. The movie even ends in a tight little bow and is not very satisfying.

Shantel M (ru) wrote: It was fun-packed and rather amusing, although at regular intervals it seemed pointless.