Crash Landing

Crash Landing

When a hostage situation arises on-board a private plane with the daughter of a billionaire on-board. Major John Masters (Sabato Jr.) teams up with Captain Williams (Michael Paré) to stop the terrorist and land the plane.

When a hostage situation arises on-board a private plane with the daughter of a billionaire on-board. Major John Masters (Sabato Jr.) teams up with Captain Williams (Michael Paré) to stop the terrorist and land the plane. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carol G (mx) wrote: Great movie, interesting story, and I especially enjoyed the anarchistic Hilly Crystal.

Matt G (mx) wrote: Great cast, terrible movie.

Cory K (ag) wrote: The biographical film about Gainsbourg comes off strange and sexy beneath the smoky haze of graphic artist turned director Joann Sfar. His casting of Doug Jones (who brings his A-game hand acting) cements his film into the genre of fantasy, but that's what makes it so interesting.

Karl H (ca) wrote: Strangely entertaining on the "send me when your desperate " list on love film and turned out to be not half bad.

Rebecca R (mx) wrote: Funny and charming. I did not like all the cussing in front of the child actor. But, over all it was worth seeing.

Paul H (fr) wrote: one of my personal favorite anime movies by far!

Derek W (es) wrote: Keeping faith to his mockumentary-style, Sacha Baron Cohen showcases his quirky ability to offend some and bust others' guts at the same time.

Tyler E (ca) wrote: Goofy and fun, but will leave you feeling like you expected more from two of the biggest names in comedy.

Annalia C (es) wrote: felt like a bad music video. Bad acting and script. Only thing that saved this film was the gore, which is pretty damn good for such a low-budget film.

Spencer S (ag) wrote: A giant misstep on the part of director Christopher Guest, this film tries to make a fast buck off of spoofs of the eighteenth century and expeditions to the new world. Frontiersmen life is easily mined for some gratuitous laughs, but everything about this film feels rushed and unnecessary. Even with some of the same cast Guest has used in the past, this film feels nothing like his previous mockumentaries. Guest is best in his element when he is pursuing the world of the rich, vain, and out of touch, and to focus on the past in this strange way makes no sense. The film is a straight up buddy comedy movie, focusing on a rich fop (Perry) who wants to reach the Western coast of the United States before the Lewis and Clark expedition can. He hires a tracker (Farley) to lead a crew of men there, and along the way they get into several kinds of shenanigans. If you were to ask me what those shenanigans were, I would have a hard time telling you, because though there are some interactions with Native Americans, a love triangle, and a near death, this film is very boring and tedious. The comedy is childish, and the characters are brutish ignoramuses most of the time. Perry's performance is never reigned in, and the indignant behavior of a rich man could easily be mistaken for an excessive bi-polar patient. Farley in turn also gives an over-the-top performance, but of all the people in this film, he is simply expected to be that crass and loud. He's really the only acceptable performer in this film, though it does hurt that this had to be his last film, released post humorously. There's just nothing here except an idea for a setting, and otherwise everything else gets garbled, whether it be the petty humor or the moronic sense of pacing.

Paul E (ru) wrote: Don't ask me why I've seen this movie, or how. Just know that I have...

Brad S (it) wrote: A Masterpiece! Chaplin truly was in a league of his own. This movie is incredibly entertaining, but also has something to say. Chaplin really was an artist, and some of his sight gags blew me away watching this again. It's amazing how graceful he was as well, they is a rollerskating sequence where he just glides, as if barely touching the ground, and he makes everything look so effortless. This is a MUST watch of the highest order!

Fabio P (it) wrote: This movie's plot is a mess and that's too bad, since the concept was nice. The fight scenes are good enough though.

Hyejin Y (it) wrote: Fine movie. Better than garden state

Jonathan S (de) wrote: With a sexy and flamboyant title like this it's staggering how bad this is. Most of the jokes fall so flat it's ridiculous. At least Vincent Price is having fun.

rey B (de) wrote: I seen better movies made by high school students. The actors best the chimpanzee!!!!