Crash Site

Crash Site

A vacationing couple's jeep crashes in an isolated location. They have to fight their way back to civilisation in spite of injuries and dangerous animals.

A Jeep crash sends a vacationing couple on a creepy trip back to safety. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phil H (ru) wrote: Terrible yet brilliantly so

F B (es) wrote: A none eventful rather boring film that was mildly entertaining at best. Certainly not one I would ever want to watch again

Ville H (mx) wrote: One of the best comedies I've ever seen. It's so bad from the incoherent, clich-packed plot to the horribly stupid dialogue and acting that it's actually a pleasure to watch; it's always fun to feel superiority over the filmmakers. They could have made an infinitely better job even with the low budget, but maybe it's just more fun this way!

cheryl r (es) wrote: This is still my favorite movie of all times.

Bill B (nl) wrote: Okay, I had heard about this one for ages and I have to say that it definitely paid off in the juicy gross-out department. Fun day-glo '80s era horror that never backs down from the craziness that they throw at you in the opening scenes.Fun stuff and well worth a look.Give it a rental.

Private U (mx) wrote: It could have been alot worse - they did realistically appear to be small, but the script could have used quite a bit more work.

Alex F (us) wrote: Outdated and boring...except, it shows Hong Kong in the early 50s. Only reason I wanted to watch this melodramatic love story.

Carlos I (ru) wrote: Totally implausible, but fun enough actioner. Even if it's essentially just Die Hard on a plane. Man, it's hard to watch how poorly old CGI stands up. I wonder how bad current CG will look in 10-20 years...

Brian S (au) wrote: cried laughing sides hurting!