Convict Van Duff engineers a large-scale prison break; the six survivors hide out in a forgotten mine working near the prison, then set out on a long, dangerous journey by foot, car, train and truck to retrieve Duff's bank loot. En route, as they touch the lives of "regular folks," each has his own rendezvous with destiny.

The survivors of a prison break set out on an arduous journey to retrieve some loot. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jiana W (gb) wrote: The actors are all wonderful here. Michelle Williams can only be great but Seth Rogen was a surprise. He's not terrific dramatic actor (at least not yet) but he did his best here and I found him convincing and empathized with the poor guy. What I find interesting is that no character is demonized or judged for what they do, or who they are, even if I do pass judgment on Margot. But the movie itself never pushes that she is a "bad guy" for what she does. Her reason can probably be summed up in the illusion of excitement and mystery at meeting someone she is extremely attracted to and her fantasies of what a relationship with that person would be like. She's been married going on 5 years, and things seem somewhat dull to her. She entertains the thoughts of something new. Spoiler alert coming!The film has a wonderful montage after Margot finally goes to Daniel, where they joyously spend their time having sex with each other and a myriad of other people (men and women.) As their once empty apartment begins to gain more objects and furniture, they stop doing it as much and eventually it culminates in them cuddling on the sofa, simply watching television. The idea seems to be that what's new becomes old quickly and the grass isn't always greener on the other side. After what seems to me like a failed attempt to get back into Lou's life, Margot is seen on a carnival ride (one that she shared earlier with Daniel) all by herself. She looks depressed until eventually a smile spreads across her face and the credits roll. I like that the ending wasn't wrapped up in a nice little bow. Will she be happier with Daniel than Lou, ultimately? IS she happier with her fantasy-come-to-life than with her husband? It doesn't really say. But you kinda get the feeling she has learned the lesson that this movie is trying to get across.

Roy S (ru) wrote: Lesser Tarantino ripoff. Still could be fun if one is in the right mood and doesn't think about it too much. Shot in Serbia and Montenegro.

Katarina S (mx) wrote: I loved it so those how say it was horrible should not say that. It was great,so u should totally watch it. :-)

Huw G (au) wrote: Beautiful cinematography, & doesn't put a foot wrong - the failings were more of omission. Ultimately very well worth watching, but slightly disappointing - probably partly because I was already familiar with many of the images & didn't learn much more, perhaps because it was trying to be so neutral about the issues documented. Also, the glimpses of Burtynsky's method of working left me wanting to see more - both of his thought processes & the logistics.

Jack P (ru) wrote: A truly unique and wonderful piece of cinema. Shows the journey of a man, a family and a country's journey through a highly important time in recent history. Forever rewatchable and rewarding.

Ana C (mx) wrote: Wow. No way to say how much I love this film. I love everything about it. The setting, the cast, the script, the plot, it's all brilliant. It helps that I've got a crush on Andrew McCarthy, but that's not really the important part. :) Like others, I first saw this film on satellite, and have been obsessed with it ever since. Very Canadian, very good.


Private U (nl) wrote: Love anime? Love action? Then this is for you. If Michael Bay did an anime movie it would end up something like this. It's a combo of Metal Gear Solid type and James Bond type of characters in a much more bizarre situation. Only the main villain is a bit underwhelming.

Jason A (de) wrote: Well, I have to admit, the ridiculous sight of Charlie Sheen taking two minutes to fumble with keys to unlock the trunk of a car imprisoning the female love interest while falling from the sky made the movie worthwhile.

David G (us) wrote: It's a decent movie. It doesn't really have anything special to add. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad, it just falls short of great or a memorable movie.

Lish S (gb) wrote: If this is an attempt to remake the classic i will be extremely upset and they should just stop before it even starts!!!

Arfaan A (gb) wrote: Great performances, weak storyline.....yet engrossing !

Logan M (mx) wrote: While a few of the antics the characters find their way into are quite funny, the rest of them are only mildly amusing.

Ricardo S (br) wrote: Lo nico bueno fu la actuacin de Andre Benjamin. La pelcula no se basa en la trayectoria musical de Hendrix y pienso que perdieron tremenda oportunidad para hacer algo mejor ya que, Andre es el ms parecido a Jimi.

Jordan J (us) wrote: This movie has its moments but they're covered up in the bad plot that doesn't really lead anywhere. But other than that, this movie is pretty funny. C