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Craving torrent reviews

Hashim Ali C (br) wrote: wasn't as good as I thought it would be...quite disapointing

Mike L (fr) wrote: A solid movie all around and a sometimes real look at how confusing relationships can be at times. I was not crazy about some of the song lyrics, but that could have been the subtitles talking and maybe not a good translation.

Cornelis R (es) wrote: Brilliant movie! A must see!

Jesse O (ru) wrote: This is a pretty damn good movie with some really strong acting from pretty much all involved. I think it suffers from not being a particularly viewer friendly movie. If you're short on patience then you're not going to make it very far into this movie, but I think it builds to the climax really well, again the strong acting being the primary driving force for this. Another problem I had was Eun-yi's motivations for her actions not being exactly made all that clear. I kind of GOT why she did why she did but at the same time I didn't. Why would she do that, instead of just torturing the responsible parties for what they did? Perhaps she thought it'd be worse since they'd have to leave with that for the rest of their lives but the surreal end to the movie sort of implies otherwise. Which is what I was expecting anyway? If they went through all the trouble to *****SPOILER***** to poison her so her baby would die why would they care if she killed herself in front of them? I did not get that at all. Other than that a really good movie with some excellent acting that not everyone will enjoy because of its deliberate pace.

Les G (ru) wrote: This was a wonderful film. The music and dancing was excellent and the story keeps moving along with the songs. Lots of talent in this cast. You need to watch this movie more than once to really appreciate it.

Alexander Z (br) wrote: All the accuracy in the world can't save this acting disaster.

Mike W (es) wrote: Amazing story about survival in Antartica!

Lemuel G (nl) wrote: Remember liking this movie when I watched it years ago. But last night, it just seemed hokey.

Brett H (gb) wrote: The true definition of a cult classic, David Wain's off-the-walls and completely bananas, Wet Hot American Summer bombed upon initial release but has since gained a following largely due to the inclusion of many popular actors who got their start with this film. The cast is a who's-who of recognizable faces from Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks, Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd, Molly Shannon, the list goes on and it's amazing seeing them all in their prime! The film is a gross-out, anything goes style of comedy that upon first viewing I completely rejected and after re-visiting it, I still don't hold this film to the high standards that some do as it's only sporadically funny to me. The fan reaction to this film however has been so positive in recent years that Netflix greenlit a companion TV series with all of the actors returning that I find works much better as we get to spend more time with the characters and it helps fill in some blanks. It is an incredibly juvenile film, but there is a charm to David Wain's just-go-with-it style and he's clearly been successful with it.