Crawl Or Die

Crawl Or Die

Earth as we know it is gone. A virus has destroyed the planet and rendered all its women infertile, all but one. An elite team of soldiers are tasked with bringing the woman to safety on the newly habitable Earth Two. But when they are forced underground they find themselves fighting for survival from an bloodthirsty creature in a maze of ever shrinking tunnels. As the team's ranks start to dwindle, the tunnels shrink and the ammunition run out, the crawl for survival becomes more and more desperate.

An elite task force are tasked protecting a woman known as the last woman on earth (which means that the last person has the ability to become pregnant). The group encouter strange and horror things, and while being trapped under the underground sewer system, they realize that the thing chasing them is not the main cause, there is a much smaller thing being present in the sewers is really scary. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Crawl Or Die torrent reviews

Aron R (gb) wrote: Saw it five years ago and didn't get it. Didn't have a brain yet.

David M (br) wrote: As far as 'piss takes' go, this movie is top of its class - although I'll admit it got a bit tiresome halfway through.

Jacob D (kr) wrote: to acting, to the editing, to the dialogue, to the plot this movie is perfect.

Jacky L (kr) wrote: five stories about life and crime in tel aviv- chapter one was a bit of a snooze, chapter two was followed by more killing. chapter three yet more fighting and crying. kinda tuned out after chapter three and hoped for the end to come quicker. not that the movie sucked; it just failed to engage me, dunno why.

Charles E (fr) wrote: Entertaining, but the ending was kinda flat.

Larry Y (nl) wrote: why is Steven Seagal still allowed to make movies?

Dann M (mx) wrote: Kristen Bell stars in the romantic comedy When In Rome. The story follows a lovelorn art show manager named Beth who takes coins out of the mystical Fontana de Amore fountain, and soon discovers that doing so bound to her the love of the men who threw those coins into the fountain. Co-starring Will Arnett, Jon Heder, Dax Shepard, and Danny DeVito, the film is full of great comedic performances. However, the plot is overly silly and has too many twists. Still, the lighthearted humor is fun and the film has a sincere message about love and romance. When In Rome nearly gets by on the charisma of its actors, but there's just too much goofiness to overcome.

Grant S (au) wrote: Good crime-drama, and even better social commentary. The crime aspect to the movie was very interesting. Even though you think you know what happened, nothing is revealed until the end, and there's a few surprises.However, it is the social side which is most impactful. It is a Spike Lee movie, so you expect an examination of race relations, and Lee does not disappoint. The dead-endedness of housing projects, the almost-inevitable turning to crime, the exploitation by the drug kingpins, the indifference (to a degree) by the (white) police. Yet, in spite of the bleakness that Lee paints, there is hope. It's not all doom-and-gloom.

Ben L (fr) wrote: This is a fun little movie that focuses on a bank robbery, and the ensuing troubles that come from making a getaway in New York City. I liked how this film blended a couple of different styles because it had an interesting heist going on that kept me guessing for the first section of the film, but then it transitioned into this rollicking comedy of errors as the crooks try to make their getaway. Bill Murray was great, and kind of played this character similar to Phil at the beginning of Groundhog Day, so he has a very snarky sense of humor but you suspect an underlying heart despite his attitude. Geena Davis is the heart of the picture. While she didn't get as many comedic lines, I found her character charming and necessary as a balance to the other leads. Randy Quaid is simply hilarious in this film. I'm not sure if his character is supposed to be severely mentally challenged, but he plays it in a way that makes Loomis sympathetic instead of annoying. However, it's not just these 3 main actors that make Quick Change work, it's the story that really shines. The chain of events that unfold to lead to the conclusion are hilarious, and I love how things continuously go wrong and yet it never grinds the film to a halt. They just find a way to keep going. There are aspects of this movie that felt a little familiar, but I still enjoyed it overall even if it wasn't totally unique. Perhaps the only real complaint that I could find is that it didn't quite get me to laugh out loud, but it had me chuckling which is good enough. I'd recommend Quick Change, particularly to people who like classic Bill Murray, you won't be disappointed.

Nga E (us) wrote: I saw this movie 15 years ago and saw it again tonight. It is still every bit as enjoyable, hilarious and genuinely moving as it was the first time. Bravo to the director, Martin Brest, for stinking it out and doing it his way instead of bowing out to studio pressure wrt casting. The chemistry between De Niro and Grodin is palpable and very special indeed. All the secondary characters, from Marvin the third wheel bounty hunter to Agent Mosely the repeatedly frustrated FBI agent, add colour and character to this gem of a movie. It is the ultimate buddy movie with action, twists and turns and hilarious one liners thrown in. But most of all, it is the characters that will leave a little dent on your heart. Bravo.

Crispin T (au) wrote: Classic example of what happens when hollywood gets a hold of a young director (Sam Rami). The parts are better then the whole.

Josh S (de) wrote: Just awesome. Why is this film not studied as one of the great 70's films? It's a celebration of the America that was and still is. Maybe the greatest film of the director with the greatest streak of the greatest decade. Beautiful cinematography, performances, and laid-back meandering style.

Jason J (ca) wrote: This is an interesting variant on the much loved Daniel Defoe story about Robinson Crusoe, only as the title suggests, this is set on Mars. Whilst orbiting Mars, Commander Kit Draper is forced to eject and is stranded on Mars with only his wits and Mona the monkey for company. Here he has to source all the basic ingredients to stay alive, but he finds that mans need for companionship can trouble the mind greatly, and not only that, he finds that he is not alone after all, and the visitors that turn up are not exactly of the friendly kind..........This is a very solid and intelligent sci-fi picture, dealing with isolation and the will to stay alive, Robinson Crusoe On Mars is very much a film that relies on story over style, that it succeeds is with much credit to Paul Mantee as the lonesome Draper, carrying the film for two thirds on his own {except for the annoying Mona monkey of course}, he infuses emotion and credibility in abundance to lift the film above average.

Nick W (ru) wrote: was better then most of them. Still weak though. You can deffinatly tell this was Eva Mendez first film.

Greg W (fr) wrote: good period/caper pic based on a true story.

Al M (es) wrote: A campy and fun little film that really manages to go way out with killer animal plot archetype. Maybe you never though worms were scary, but you were wrong. Fishing becomes a nightmare in a rural Georgia town on the coast. Loads of fun for anyone who enjoys cheesy horror at its finest.

Brandon W (fr) wrote: JeruZalem is directed and written by Doron and Yoav Paz, and it stars Yael Grobglas, Yon Tumarkin, and Danielle Jadelyn in a Israel found-footage film about 2 best friends going on a vacation to Tel Aviv, but with different circumstances, they ended up in Jerusalem, and the longer they stayed there, the more inevitable it's going to lead to. I saw that the reviews were higher than the typical horror found-footage, and I was curious to see stuff go really down in that film, and when I finished it, I think the reviews for it are unusually high for this as I honestly hated this film. Before I talk about why I hated it, I'm going to talk about the stuff that I liked in it. The setting at Jerusalem is really cool as it gives some interesting information about the place itself. The acting is good, the smart glass they used is a bit of a different style for found-footage that would make sense in a way that is being filmed. There were some scares that got me, and the effects look fine for the most part. Now that's done, I'm gonna say what really doesn't work. One of them however, is the smart glass itself. It seems to cut in weird places that make me feel like it's because the movie wanted to cut there, not because the characters did that, which would've been more natural and not distracting. While I appreciate that they haven't start the apocalypse until half way through as it'll give a lot of build-up, but it wasn't replaced with interesting things either as when the movie keeps going, I get more and more disinterested with it. The characters are boring to watch, and when things start happening, I became more and more annoyed with the main character with her stupid decisions that she had made constantly, and that she just screams at them a lot which makes me want to see her get bitten. Some of the creatures were just there for effects as they brought nothing to the characters's situation, and while it was reminding me of REC and a bit of Cloverfield, it was more or less the annoying version of Cloverfield, and just the remake of REC called Quarantine. It honestly would've worked if it went more insane and doesn't make dumb mistakes or be annoying, but I got more mad when the movie keeps going, and I was just glad that it was over.