Crayola Kids Adventures: Tales of Gulliver's Travels

Crayola Kids Adventures: Tales of Gulliver's Travels

An English boy named Gulliver visits four strange lands.

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Crayola Kids Adventures: Tales of Gulliver's Travels torrent reviews

sherri m (gb) wrote: Fabulous movie ....very moving it made me think about others and what they go through. I am very please with this film

Ibraheem M (ca) wrote: Poor visuals, terrible acting, and bad direction makes this a pile of crap. Don't watch it.

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Troy D (it) wrote: This was purely awful. From dialogue to story... everything was awful. I could not delete it fast enough. This movie is what unintelligent people come up with when they get drunk and have money to burn. Sooo awful..

Alexander C (de) wrote: Didnt understand it that well. Quite good.

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Richard G (ru) wrote: Made in 1943.A Mad scientist (who else?) embarks in an experiment to turn a Gorilla into a Human.Daft Science Fiction horror which is only mildly entertaining thanks to the casting of John Carradine+Evelyn Ankers,it does have its moments but its very mediocre at best.

Vadim D (es) wrote: Not much of a story here, but good performances all around. It just never goes anywhere interesting and has been done better before and since then.

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Crayola Kids Adventures: Tales of Gulliver's Travels torrent

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