Crazy Desire

Crazy Desire

A middle-aged and slightly conservative businessman meets a band of rowdy youths and is smitten by one named Francesca. He is pursuaded to join their party and even pay for most of it, as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Crazy Desire torrent reviews

Jamie C (us) wrote: Loved, loved, loved this movie!!! The cast was outstanding they all played their characters perfectly! The story is beautiful filled with love, lessons, n healing from a loss that anyone would struggle getting through. I can't wait to add this to my home theater! I highly recommend it!!! Don't listen to the haters they don't kno what they r talking about. Outstanding movie!!

Droopy D (es) wrote: My kind of movie! Lots of action, some humor and a good plot will keep me entertained all day. Loved Byung-hun Lee role. All of the regular "Stars" were absolutely lovable ! Please do a RED 3.

Rob F (ag) wrote: Maybe about 10 years ago this would have offered a few more creepy moments. It kind of trots out all the gimmicks we've seen from endless J-horror movies. But it's well done nonetheless and if you haven't seen too many of these already, then it can provide for some genuine chills. It also slips into more fantasy thriller elements near the end which is a bit of a twist. Plus it has Queen Beryl from the Sailor Moon Live series so that's worth a star right there!

Leigh R (de) wrote: What? Wait, I said that wrong... What the hell?

Ada B (jp) wrote: Brilliant I love this movie.

Maxwell D (mx) wrote: Impressive thriller, chock full of suspense and humor in an even keel. The script is somewhat preposterous at times, but ultimately this makes for a good time at the movies. Alec Guinness makes his final screen appearance in an unbilled role.

richard c (ag) wrote: Just a couple of huge stars having a little fun.

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