Crazy Eyes

Crazy Eyes

Zack (Haas) is a young, divorced father who starts to develop romantic feelings towards his friend Rebecca (Zima), whom he refers to as "Crazy Eyes". He spends a lot of time at a bar run by his best friend Dan Drake (Busey) and hanging out with Autumn (Raymonde). As he pursues a sexual relationship with Rebecca, Zack grows increasingly aware of the importance of his son's role in his life amidst the failing health of his own father.

Zach is guy for whom the party never ends. But when he meets the girl he nicknames "Crazy Eyes," the inability to have her, combined with family matters, are signs that his idle life might be due for a change. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben L (us) wrote: THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer A (kr) wrote: It's a bit slow, and not really scary. The movie is a bit like Blair Witch Proect. The characters film their experience, and we get to see it second hand through the cameras.

Eric B (es) wrote: "Marwencol" is a remarkable documentary. The premise is well-explained in the official review above, so there is little reason to restate it myself. But the intricacy and realism of Hogancamp's miniature stagings -- and even his skills in photographing them -- are so unique that no verbal description can convey just how fascinating his project is to observe.I have minor quibbles with how the film is structured. The story is shot in such extreme closeup that there's not enough sense of how large the Marwencol "set" is -- a few establishing shots at the beginning really would have helped. Also, director Jeff Malmberg takes too long to clarify that his subject's emphasis is on photography. For awhile, one wonders whether Hogancamp simply poses these dolls as a fleeting, playtime fantasy. Still, his story is such a sure thing that it's near impossible to botch.Be forewarned that Hogancamp is not entirely sympathetic. His doting adoration for his female dolls can be disturbing (his favorites "sleep" on the nightstand next to his bed and are told "I love you" as he switches off the light) and his fixation on "catfights" suggests some cretinous tendencies. However, his bitterness toward his past attackers is easy to accept, and his constructive way of rechanneling that anger is a creative marvel.The latter portion reveals another intriguing quirk of Hogancamp's character that shall go unspoken, and the final few minutes add a recursive twist of staggering brilliance. Seek out this film. Rent it along with "Crumb" and give yourself a double bill of unlikely artists and their coping mechanisms."Marwencol" does have an unfortunate postscript: The requirements of Hogancamp's welfare status prevent him from earning income from his work. Selling his photos means forfeiting his disability checks. As yet, his only workaround is asking supporters to donate credit for him to buy supplies at his favored hobby shop.

Phil H (kr) wrote: At first glance an inevitable comparison to the Kevin James vehicle 'Paul Blart' springs to mind. To be fair you wouldn't be all that far off either, the whole basis for this film is very similar lets be honest. Both characters are working as security men in a mall and are wannabe cops. Both characters are portrayed as taking their job way too seriously when in reality they are merely shop attendants in a blue uniform. And both characters try to change their lives by applying for a job on the police force despite everyone thinking they haven't got a chance.So yeah its pretty similar, the only major difference is the fact Rogen's character in this film is more unhinged and eerily prone to violent anger outbursts. This of course can be hilarious at times with Rogen's great comic personality and chubby features, but at the same time its also a bit disturbing and uncomfortable too.There are plenty of scenes in this which made me laugh out loud, the way Ronnie (Rogen) organises his small team of security men with the up most importance, as if they were special ops. His awkwardness around sexy perfume saleswoman Brandi (Farris perfectly cast as your typical airhead blonde...again), the way he acts with jealousy around real cop Harrison (Liotta), his ongoing feud with Arab shopkeeper Saddamn and the way he exposes himself as slightly deranged, depressive and possibly dangerous to various people, especially in the police psychological examination.On the flip side there are times when the film feels ugly vicious a bit sad and over the top with the violence, profanity and blood. The sequence where Rogen's character takes Brandi out for a meal, she gets drunk and then they end up having sex, is rather dubious. Why? because Brandi is completely out of it and vomiting whilst Ronnie is banging her. It does seem a tad like rape, but at the same time the sight of Farris' head lurching to one side with puke on the pillow whilst Ronnie goes at it is amusing I can't deny, a nervous laugh there.There are other moments throughout which seem to go a bit too far also, showing 'Ronnie's' anger, the fight with the cops and Liotta's character, and the finale for the flasher. Its all kinda funny but kinda edgy too, at times you're thinking is it OK to laugh at this?Saying this is a dark comedy is an understatement, its darkly dark alright and Rogen's cynical, sinister, in your face performance will either leave you laughing, cogitating or hating. I think I prefer this over the Kevin James film simply because Rogen's performance is appealing to me here plus this film is more grounded ('Blart' goes down that 'Die Hard' route). The ending is a bit simple and anti climatic but its a totally fun and rather controversial ride to get there.

Jordon J (kr) wrote: 1hr20mins of complete junk & wretchid acting,SKIP IT!!!

Valentin G (nl) wrote: J'avoue, le principal attrait de ce film, c'est de revoir Marc-Andre Grondin ! Mais un peu d'humour noir ne fait pas de mal, et je suis bon public en la matiere ! Et Bourdon n'est pas mauvais.

Emmanuelle D (au) wrote: un tantinet invraisemblable dans leur tentative de brassage d'emotions. La fin nous laisse sur notre appetit. Le jeu de Guillaume vaut la chandelle mais on repassera pour Matte. Somme toute, un bon divertissement quebecois

Brian C (es) wrote: Oh I so badly wanted to like this movie. It has a lot going for it. An interesting mystery...a ghost in the basement of the hospital...corrupt nurses...missing naked girls (giggity!), and a shattered mirror. This movie centres around the legend of Bloody Mary. You know the drill. Say Bloody Mary 5 times (or 10 times, or 7 times...oh who knows) in front of the mirror and Bloody Mary will come and get you. Mind you, WHY DO THAT then? Oh it is a shame. With that above description, one would have thought this movie would have been gold. But it was more the iron pyrite of movies. It had the gloss and the glitter, but in the end was a chunk of pre-rusted iron. Where the movie failed was in the characters. The police detective was so distractingly badly acted (compared to the other characters) so every scene he was in was ruined. The main character (hunting for her sister) was well acted and believably acted...although her problem solving skills were a bit unrealistic. The narrative made many jumps of faith that you have to really suspend the disbelief. The resolution was a bit unsatisfactory too. Let me explain. Mary was a patient at this mental hospital. She escaped, killing a bunch of nurses. Her body was found starved to death later in the catacombs beneath the hospital. They found with her a partially shattered mirror. And somehow this mirror gave her powers, so she could still live in 'our side' of the mirror. So our resolution is having the main character shatter the mirror. Well it was already shattered and Mary was still alive. So how does shattering the mirror fix anything? It didn't make much sense. Oh well. It was ok. nothing special. Another movie that was filled with failed potential.

Mike B (jp) wrote: Silly plot, irritating script and cocky characters who seem dim, but are supposed to be geniuses. Much of the acting is quite sub-par. Not good.

Tabitha B (de) wrote: Unfortunately all this 'god' talk gets on my nerves..

Andrew S (mx) wrote: It started off with promise, but got gradually worse as the movie went on.

Chris C (us) wrote: Touching and heartfelt, Free Willy is a tear-jerking adventure drama that is captivating and showcases terrific performances from Jason James Richter, Lori Petty and Michael Madsen.

Eliabeth S (fr) wrote: Very interesting how Barbra made this distinctly a woman's story when apparently the original is much more gender-identity-laden! Still manages to be on the queer side, but I'd love to read Singer's story and compare. I've never been big on Barbra's acting but the story is quite interesting - particularly around the marriage - and Mandy Patinkin is perfect (and so fine!).

Renee L (fr) wrote: The scene between Christine Lahti and Steven Hill is the best one in the whole movie. River Phoenix is actually playing the complicated piano music of Beethoven and Mozart. If you believe in the inherent selfishness of the baby boomers, you will enjoy having your beliefs confirmed by this movie.

Dwayne R (ru) wrote: Of special interest to those in southern Colorado

Ola G (gb) wrote: The moonshine runner Gator McKlusky (Burt Reynolds) is back in the Glades, taking care of his daughter after his prison sentence. The government official Irving Greenfield (Jack Weston) is on the trail of Gator and eventually he catches him. Greenfield forces Gator to help him get evidence against Gators old friend, Bama McCall (Jerry Reed), an organized crime kingpin with no scruples. During Gators investigations, he finds all sorts of seedy things, but he finds as well true attraction to the local news reporter, Aggie Maybank (Lauren Hutton). I saw the first Gator movie "White Lightning" last year, and I was not that impressed, despite the fact that Burt Reynolds is one of my old favourite actors. But, I think that "Gator" is even less impressive. This is a mish mash of action, comedy, love and drama coming from a script with holes bigger than a swiss cheese. I think that Mr. Reynolds took upon himself a tad bit much when he directed this movie as well. His first I believe. And it is quite clear that he was a rookie as a director at this point, compared to later on when he was doing a great job with for example "Sharkys Machine". Strange angles, weird handheld shots and ugly close ups plus some very so so acting in general. "Gator" is just a mess and not that entertaining. Ok, Reynolds is never really bad, Jerry Reed was for sure an interesting character (I did not know about his true career as a musician until now, and I must say wow!) and I have always felt that Lauren Hutton has something special. But, this trio can not really save 'Gator". My biggest satisfaction from this movie was Jerry Reeds title song "Gator". Just bloody brilliant!!!

Grayson D (ag) wrote: A strange and brilliant film.