Crazy for Christmas

Crazy for Christmas

A girl loses her parents and husband and is left driving a limo trying to get by raising her young son. An interesting but strange rich man hires her limo on Christmas eve and has her drive him to various ice rinks where he gives out $100 bills to the people there. The news media catches on and starts following him. Some interesting twists follow, but the movie is somewhat predictable.

On Christmas Eve, Shannon McManus (Andrea Roth) is stuck driving around a wealthy and eccentric client (Howard Hesseman) who is giving away large sums of money with the secret hope of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Romn H (it) wrote: :S Nos estamos saturando de vampiros. Ahora experimentamos la vida de los seres de la noche de barrio bajo o bajos recursos. Si vas al cine y es la unica pelicula que esta disponible mejor ve por un helado.

Levi B (es) wrote: Great action and humour. A good mix of two. Even though it's not Oscar worthy, it's still a great action and adventure film. Suspense, violence, humour, and a good time. It should have received better reviews and box office results than it did. A great film.

Michael C (mx) wrote: This has to be one of the worst movies I have ever paid money to see. The acting is just awful but the script left them nothing to work with. This is not even worth waiting for it on DVD.

Cathal M (de) wrote: Not at all the role one would expect from Uma Thurman: shy, vulnerable, uncertain of herself, and self-destructive. But, she plays the role so well, is so utterly convincing, one believes it.

Ben B (us) wrote: This movie stars Christian Bale as John Preston, a high-ranking officer in a futuristic world where feeling emotion is against the law and people take a drug daily to eliminate emotion. Preston, slowly learning of what emotions are capable of after taking down so many offenders, skips a dosage and begins to experience true life. Equilibrium was not well-received at the time of release, but it has gained a cult following in recent years. There really isn't a lot here that would be identified as "original." The best way I can think to describe this movie to people who haven't seen it would be a combination of the novel "1984" and the movie "The Matrix." The themes of humanity and socialism are very present. However, despite bringing nothing new to the table, this movie is very fun to watch. Bale, as usual, shines in his role. The film score is highly enjoyable and fits each scene perfectly, Without spoiling anything major, I'll say that there was a scene in the movie when Bale, after ceasing to take medication, looks out the window at the sunrise over the city skyline. The emotion on his face, combined with the emotional music, created a beautiful moment in this film. The action, while somewhat ridiculous, is exciting to watch. Towards the end of the movie gets a little muddled with plot twists, but it doesn't ruin the film. I'm not going to lie and say that this is one of the best science-fiction movies ever, but there definitely is enjoyment to be had with Equilibrium.

Altered E (kr) wrote: This B-Movie is actually self-aware, believe it or not: the script's transparent foreshadowing reveals that much (there's even a scene where Plan 9 From Outer Space is playing on a TV in the background). I also strongly suspect that the aliens that are only tangentially involved in the plot were just reused sets and costumes from another shoot. Clearly the crew who made this (who I also suspect made another '86 Z-Movie classic "Chopping Mall" - the two films share cast members) knew exactly the kind of movie they were producing. But even then, the occasional moments of seriousness are overshadowed by the ridiculous plot, wooden acting, and bad special effects. "Night of the Creeps" is a good movie to introduce your friends to the genre of "so-bad-it's-good."

Bryan W (jp) wrote: have i seen this? i think i have. a long time ago. when c. thomas howell was still noteworthy.

Stuart K (nl) wrote: Woody Allen had written the play version of this film in 1969, and it was optioned by Paramount Pictures immediately, and the film version was directed by Herbert Ross (Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1969), Pennies From Heaven (1981)), but Woody stuck around to do the screenplay and even star in it. The film is very funny, with some good dialogue, and it's a look at the frustrations people go through with relationships. Set in San Francisco, Allan Felix (Woody) has just gone through a rather sudden divorce from his wife Nancy (Susan Anspach), but Allan is supported by his friends Linda (Diane Keaton) and Dick (Tony Roberts), who try to link him up with other women, and a couple of them turn out to be complete disasters. Allan's favourite film is Casablanca (1942), even though he knows he'll never be like Humphrey Bogart in the film, it's not long before the ghost of Bogart (Jerry Lacy) appears to Allan, and gives him advice on his relationship. Meanwhile, Linda's relationship to Tony is going through a rocky patch, and she finds solace in Allan, and it's not long before they have an affair, but Dick is a good friend to Allan, and it leaves Allan in a jam. It's a funny film, and a good timepiece of San Francisco in the early 1970's. It's well filmed with some good moments of witty humour, Woody handling the one-liners and even physical comedy well. It's a mystery as to why he didn't direct it, but he was about to do Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask) (1972) at the time, so maybe that's why.

Scott R (de) wrote: Another lost flixster rating.

Alan W (ca) wrote: This was a good movie

Gregory W (br) wrote: good stuff but don't know how historically accurate it is.

Scott D (de) wrote: Started watching all of Schwarzenggers movies in order, had to start with this one. It's pretty bad, but it's funny bad. It's so cheaply made and poorly acted you can't help but laugh at it in parts. That wrestling scene was magnificent.

Zach M (ag) wrote: Disney tries their hands at a Madagascar type animated movie with this entry.A lion cub wants to experience the Wild so he escapes so his dad and some friends go to rescue him.It turns out that dad never really did any of the fantastic things he told his son but together they find their voice and courage in the wild.Good voice acting and an alright animated movie.