Crazy Girls Undercover

Crazy Girls Undercover

The film is about a group of Las Vegas sexy showgirls who are undercover agents working with a former C.I.A. agent (Robertson) to stop a terrorist attack.

The film is about a group of Las Vegas sexy showgirls who are undercover agents working with a former C.I.A. agent (Robertson) to stop a terrorist attack. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shasta J (ag) wrote: i love the goodbye scene with the brother and that dog

Denise P (au) wrote: Skillfully blending vulgarity with sweetness while demonstrating a heartwarming mixture of romantic and bromantic chemistry between its three talented leads, Sex Drive is a warmly affectionate, wickedly funny teen comedy that takes pleasure in pushing the boundaries of its genre to truly achieve an R rating.

Russell G (ru) wrote: Sometimes I feel like the drop in quality of sequels is not as bad as it once was. Then I watch a movie like this, and I remember why everyone laments that sequels are never as good as the first. Minimizing the main attraction of the transformers themselves and focusing more on people is a questionable strategy to begin with. Worse yet, failing to write a decent story around those human roles is unforgivable. It is interesting how the transformers inhabited earth since the beginning of civilization, but that leads to tons of unanswered questions that the film did not even try confronting. It exhibits mass amounts of flawed logic and lacks connectivity the previous movie or even to itself. We do not learn anything new about the two main characters or their relationship together. Instead, the filmmakers spent tons of money to make a visually impressive movie with glitzy action sequences and special effects. Effects never compensate for bad content. Constantly orbiting cameras and distracting foreground elements do not focus on the subject. At one point during the movie, a grumpy John Turturro demands "Beginning, middle, end, facts, details, condense, plot, tell it." I am certain the cameras were rolling while a descent actor explained to Michael Bay what this movie was lacking. It was better than most of the movie, so they added that part in. The only good news here is that it moves fast, Megan Fox is still pretty, and John Turturro gives the movie shred of integrity with his humor. Even that it is nothing but lazy, shallow, forgettable, and disposable filler.

Jason P (es) wrote: An excellent choice in subject matter carries the film where its construction and execution does not. The Count is by far the most fascinating character in the film and the filmmakers' refusal to make judgments is commendable. I had to stop about twenty minutes in to read a couple of Wikipedia articles to get some background info and I was able to appreciate the film a lot more. A well made documentary wouldn't require that. It's too bad, because there's a lot of potential here.

Juliet H (gb) wrote: Seriously below par teen high school musical affair.

Monic T (ru) wrote: Sweet movie, inspirational in a way, but since Jennifer Aniston was there, it's good enough for me.

Andrea D (kr) wrote: I saw this a few years ago and remember it as being interesting and bizarre.

Jerrey W (ca) wrote: I saw this movie years ago but I thought it was great.... Columboesq..With Charley playing the fo detective.Walter Matthau can play serious as well as comedic as evidenced by The Odd Couple another Matthau gem...

Eduardo L (jp) wrote: 5-29-2016. Original rating: 12-13-2013 (6/10)

Christopher E (gb) wrote: In true Australian film style, the baddies get their comeuppance. It's an ok film though.

Joseph R (gb) wrote: not good, not bad. good enough to keep we watching.

Marcus W (it) wrote: Perkins doesn't stretch himself, the film belongs to Weld and she does a terrific job.