Crazy in Alabama

Crazy in Alabama

An abused wife heads to California to become a movie star while her nephew back in Alabama has to deal with a racially-motivated murder involving a corrupt sheriff.

An abused wife heads to California to become a movie star while her nephew back in Alabama has to deal with a racially-motivated murder involving a corrupt sheriff. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mayank M (nl) wrote: An average script gone bad with terrible direction and OTT action and cinematography. The dialogues and script give casual smirks not laughs with below average performances. Total time waste!

Ted W (kr) wrote: I watched this movie for halloween and it was great. It's like wren is ferris bueller but crazier. Love Albert, he's the best. For a halloween movie great but not on halloween it's terrible. Stupid

Chris N (ag) wrote: Looks completely fascinating & wonderfully edited. What a ballsy, bold idea for a modern day film, this has to be great.

Jason H (au) wrote: A low-budget effort hampered by some bad acting and a slow warm up to the inevitable killing spree. That said, the film is a fun enough ride once it slips into slasher mode.

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The experience is immense and intense. And what makes the film unique and educative are the questions it answers about India, her culture and way of life. Even the silent, meditative moods transmit the simple messages of love, service and harmony; unraveling India's greatest gift to the world, its unity in diversity. Mystic India is an epic journey into the land and soul of India! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Proud to be a Hindu! Saw this movie in the worlds largest iMAX DOOM cinema in NY. It was awesome and seriously this movie is AMAZING! yet there is a very minor error here in flixster about the film namely that this movie was made in 2003 but released in 2005. and how do i know that? Well because my uncle helped to produce it, oh yeah! This movie was like i said Awesome, mindblowing, touching, emotive, concise, beautiful and very teaching, definitely a must for people who like to see cultures, learn stories, understand humanity and the Hindu culture. 10 out of 10!!

Valencia C (gb) wrote: This movie really touched me, and it was so good, but it made me cry at the end! :(

Shelley M (br) wrote: One of my library classics

Stephen G (de) wrote: A very unique and entertaining film with great performances from Frances and Macy.

Alexandra G (ag) wrote: a very nice film !! The story of a football player could sound a bit dumb at first, but honestly, there is more to it. A great sentimental depth , with the picture of Sheffield struggling miners, and the problems of alcohol and betting (not to mention the fate of the brother , which broke my heart ). I liked it very much !

Neil O (mx) wrote: Gothic melodrama masquerading as horror but nevertheless still a great deal of fun. This film is Vincent Price's movie all the way. He steals the show from the others. Dragonwyck could easily be called Price's first Poe movie, especially since it has as much or more to do with Poe than many of Roger Corman's films that are based on Poe's poems, such as The Raven and The Haunted Palace.

Collin c (fr) wrote: American psycho is a film that is a mixed bag of some sort for the general public and media. however in my book, it's a classic! Christian bale is fantastic in a role I have never seen him in. his co-star Willem Dafoe is great too. Patrick Bateman is a character that is very well realised and very well fleshed out with his faults that make him human! as a letter score I would give it a A-

Ben D (nl) wrote: I'm reviewing this in 2016. This just shows how long the atrocious trash known as Cabwoman has tormented me so much throughout my whole life.

Andy T (it) wrote: Loyal, affectionate and greatly sentimental, Steven Spielberg turns out another Oscar nomination through his usually great customary direction.

Ryan R (ag) wrote: Leto does a good job "pretending" to be the egotistical, self centered, competitive man that was Steve Prefontaine on screen. It is a good true story and has much to offer in the way of potential, but Prefontaine doesn't break any world records here; more of a nice jogging speed. Its counterpart Without Limits that was released one year later is moderately better, but also comes with Donald Sutherland at the helm; so it's expected. I rate this one 64/100 Review # 23