Crazy Kind of Love

Crazy Kind of Love

A broken family finds their relationships to one another changed by a new arrival in the household.

Depressed after getting dumped by her husband, a mother relies on her grown sons to keep life interesting. As a romance blooms between a son and a new young woman in town, she realizes that love is a multifaceted emotion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew F (jp) wrote: Total American cheese, but the soundtrack was surprisingly cool so I enjoyed it, you can't beat a bit of ska.

Heidi H (mx) wrote: well played but a stupid story and a predictable plot. As if this movie could have been great, but somehow the story tumbled and went terrible wrong...

Walter M (ru) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]"Commune" is a satisfactory documentary about the Black Bear Ranch which was founded in 1968 by Richard and Elsa Marley as a secluded refuge in Siskiyou County, California where people could reject the competitive nature of society, be themselves and work together in peace. Despite the collective nature of the commune, what was needed here is a single voice to give a straightforward history of the ranch which is apparently still going strong today, thus avoiding being just another cliche of the 1960's. At the same time, there is too much emphasis on the present day activities of the founders(gee, that Peter Coyote guy certainly did well for himself...) who eventually left the commune to return to the outside world. Even though the documentary is not as deep as it could have been, there is testimony on how women contributed to the workforce and the improvised healthcare.("The Business of Being Born" made a better connection between the communes and the rise in natural childbirth.) So, there was definitely more going on here than the grainy amateur footage of liberated people running around naked would attest to.[/font]

Ole J (au) wrote: Sarah Silverman is definitely one of a kind, she is rude, she is fun, she makes fun of everything, even things others properly wouldn't, like 9/11, drugs, abuse, rape, racism and a lot more.She is kind of crazy :)

Cody M (au) wrote: This thriller is trying to tell two separate twisty stories at once.

ZuKushi M (au) wrote: got that one...GOTTA GO GOTTA GO, BALIEVE DAT!

Haytham K (kr) wrote: Have Watched this movie many times and it still feels engaging. All the performers are at their best, specially Cher and Maggie Smith.

E L (gb) wrote: I have to say I'm biased when it comes to anything to do with Macross, regardless of the continuity issues. Better seen as a one-off.

Nick A (mx) wrote: Great movie. I love the way Quaid talks in this lol.

Produkt P (gb) wrote: Yo this moviee is whack

Lori B (gb) wrote: It's pretty rare for me to dislike an Altman film, but Streamers is just a teeth-gritting chore to watch.

Brett B (ru) wrote: The writing for this movie may have been done by a child.

Phillip S (ru) wrote: Stupid movie with a bunch of cheap laughs. But i'll admit, one of the better spoof movies in a while.

Macdara B (br) wrote: Good straight forward conspiracy / cover-up story that is worth a watch. Gere is very good alongside Sarandon

David M (us) wrote: I laughed more than a few times - so I guess I should give it a good review & I will but I'll be glad if I never see it again. The 'ruin Bieber' scene had me on the floor!

Sarah B (ru) wrote: This film will catch you right into the heart.