Crazy Loves

Crazy Loves

A story of hidden passions.

A story of hidden passions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laura W (us) wrote: Have to watch this again!

Heather M (es) wrote: This movie was very strange. It is hard to get into because you are never sure about the guys motivation for hanging around this seriously disturbed chick. In the end things make sense and it has a sweet ending, but it very slow and definitely not for everyone.

Zahid C (ru) wrote: Day: SaturdayDate: 23 July 2005Time: 10.20pmWith: Mom, Dad, AzeemOn: CableName: SARKAR

Will C (us) wrote: Well this was incredibly disappointing. It seems like it should have had quite a bit going for it: Nic Cage directing, James Franco starring and New Orleans as the setting. But really, it seems that Nic Cage can't direct, Franco gives a pretty restrained performance in this and New Orleans is barely shown at all in the movie, and when it is, it doesn't do much to add to the atmosphere. The story is lame, I didn't care about any of the characters, and it just felt all-around vacant, like there was nothing here that really wanted you to get invested in the movie. The only reason I'm rating it so high is for Nic Cage's cameo, and that's only a few minutes long out of this almost 2 hour long movie (it really didn't need to be that long, that was another problem). Anyway, Nic Cage plays this rich coke-fueled pimp dressed in a hideous yellow suit, and for the couple minutes he's on screen, that's the high point of the movie. And even that was one of his more forgettable characters. So yeah, I can't really recommend this to anyone. Not to Cage fans, not to Franco fans, not to fans of seeing New Orleans in's just an overall dud.

Brian B (it) wrote: Some great scenes, but it's a loooooong time gettin' there.....

Heidi Y (de) wrote: Richard Harris and Robert Duvall are just superb!

Tsukasa A (fr) wrote: Emily Blunt plays a natural women in it while her roles are wicked and uncompliant women in most of her movies. Director Lynn Shelton spends much time on characterization and uses improvised lines extensively. So we can enjoy natural and common Emily Blunt in it. Especially chattering with Rosemarie DeWitt is just like a real one by females.On the other hand, it's plot is not common and it depicts a part which traditional romantic comedies have not referred to and wraps it with a human love. Director Lynn Shelton is good at showing incredible result in a persuasive way. It's a womanly idea that her lesbian sister in her heartbreak makes one night love using a condom with a hole she made to get a baby she wants. She didn't know that the man was someone her sister's mind but her sister react sharply against it and the man loses his place. Director Lynn Shelton depicts subtle movements of their minds and leads to to the end in a persuasive way.Rosemarie DeWitt performs bold and warm-hearted lesbian sister nicely. She took over the role from Rachel Weiss due to schedule but I believe casting of Rosemarie DeWitt is more than a right choice.

Scott R (gb) wrote: A bit simple, but prolly good for the whole family.

Russell H (es) wrote: reminds me of Tremors. Silly and gory. Cool that "Merle Dixon" was in it.