Crazy - Um Dia Muito Louco

Crazy - Um Dia Muito Louco

A man kills his roommate and buries him hastily in the backyard. But soon people arrive to see the room the dead man had advertised the day before. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Crazy - Um Dia Muito Louco torrent reviews

David W (de) wrote: This could be a sequel to Forgetting Sarah Marshall with Kristen Bell's Sara still on the wrong since of the relationship, this time as the lover of a Husband about to leave his wife. Meg Ryan does a great job as the wife who becomes unhinged when her husband plans to leave her. Cheryl Hines dose a good job bringing Adrienne Shelly's script to life. I enjoyed this one a lot, if your a fan of Waitress or just love indie comedies, you should check this out. Also, don't reveal the twist ending to your friends!

Tyler S (fr) wrote: very predictable movie with a very corny ending, that being said as a person not a fan of romcom movies I found this movie heartening and kinda inspiring. Weatherspoon steals the show here and is absolutely electric. Im a huge fan of Ruffalo and liked seing him in this kind of movie. Its sweet and different than rom com movies with its unique premise.

Luke B (fr) wrote: An annoying six year old girl farts about a hotel sticking her nose in everyone's business. She is best friends with a weird, older waiter guy who unfortunately does not turn out to be a child murderer in a third act twist. All fluffy and lovely it also has Julie Andrews doing one of the worst "Cor Blimey" cockney accents ever seen on film.

Antoinette M (ag) wrote: Stumbled upon this film and was pleasantly surprised. Emotionally and visually moving. Artistic. Poetic. Absolutely loved the movie. Loved Kevin McKidd. Well-done Richard Jobson.

Garland H (it) wrote: Definitely a favorite.

Andrea S (ru) wrote: What a nightmare of disgusting overindulgent a**holes this entire group of characters were. This film was utterly terrible. Whiny, complaining yuppie jerkfaces they all were. Uneventful and boring.

Janika Maria B (fr) wrote: I remember this movie--it was funny

Don S (ca) wrote: The first movie teaches pretty much the same lesson as this film, kindness can change those with hearts of stone, but did it better. The original Marty was not much of an actor, and the new Marty is not much of an actor either, but was an improvement. Fortunately for the first movie, the other actors did a fine job making the movie good enough to enjoy. Unfortunatley for the sequel, most of the acting was subpar and overdone, making it a chore to watch. This is not really worth your time.

Reginald R (fr) wrote: Summer Fling was actually called The Last of the High Kings. They changed it for U.S video release. Now what the hell is the point of re-naming something that's already in english? I read some philosophy blogs today. They were great.

Nate A (ag) wrote: Meh, it's ok. Not bad to watch once, but you'll never have to again. And to be honest, if you're interested in this story, I'm sure there are tons of books that have more information and capture the drama better than this movie.

HM F (ag) wrote: Anchored by two solid performances from the ever dependable Quinn and Reed and boosted by some exciting desert action, this hard-to-find film is well worth seeking out on DVD.

Aaron V (us) wrote: Maybe the best bond film yet!

Mr N (mx) wrote: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows might feel like the same for some, but in my opinion I like this slightly more than the first film. It has the great performances, action and fun that made the first one so awesome.