Creative Control

Creative Control

Smooth advertising executive David is in a relationship with yoga teacher Juliette. Then his eye is caught by Sophie, the girlfriend of his best friend Wim, a fashion photographer. Things get completely out of hand during a campaign for augmented reality-glasses, for which David designs an avatar of the coveted Sophie.

Set in near future Brooklyn, the movie follows a man (Benjamin Dickinson) who uses a pair of virtual-reality glasses to conduct an affair with a hologram of his buddy's (Dan Gill) girlfriend (Alexia Rasmussen). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pranav K (jp) wrote: Fantastic film! Wonderfully directed and superb performances by everyone--each scene touches the heart. The movie beautifully illustrates the importance of living peacefully with one another. A must-see masterpiece! Heart goes out to all those affected by the blasts today in Mumbai.

Edison H (kr) wrote: Entretenido y buenos efectos para ser un corto, aunque a mi parecer la pelicula es mejor, los dos son muy buenos.

Tiffany P (mx) wrote: What a heartbreaking short film. The mother's parenting skills reminded me of Britney Spears.

Rabeea (es) wrote: What's with the kissing scene??!!

Conrad H (de) wrote: the terrible, cheap-looking sets give this a cheap Euro-porn feel. Stopped watching after 45 minutes.

bash c (gb) wrote: soldier soldier , meethi batein bol kar dil ko chura leygaya.....

Jon H (jp) wrote: Strictly minor-league (no pun intended), but at least it's a tad better than Part 2.

Brian B (mx) wrote: The first was better.

Eric H (fr) wrote: A story so simple, yet very touching, excellent performances, and a strong soundtrack makes this a movie you can't get out of your mind.Some people regard this as a comedy, and maybe in the beginning you may regard some of the lines as funny, but actually this is a very tragic tale of youth and the lives they live.

yule die (ag) wrote: All I can say is that it's downright cheesy and takes that top honor proudly.

Joao G (ca) wrote: Um dos filmes mais sublimes a que j assisti. Acho que o esprito de infncia s foi superado por Where the Wild Things Are. Pode parecer o bvio ululante, mas Mr. Truffaut O cara. :-)

Guillaume H (ru) wrote: Shelley Duvall's versatility as an actress is very impressive, there is none like her around these days. She makes a great time with Keith Carradine in this warm but dark tale that unfolds like a creepy children lullaby. Its one of Altman's very odd one, steeped in Americana with some almost surreal rptitions.

Jason B (es) wrote: Number 86 of my top 100 British BFI movies. Very good central performance from Tom Courtney. His delivery could have been filmed yesterday. The rest of the film is frozen in the 60's (although written in the 50's) but proves a good snapshot of life back then. I see a pattern forming with the films I've seen on this list.....

Caleb C (de) wrote: An air tight plot and great thriller! Such a fun movie to watch and unwind.

Gmd E (kr) wrote: Solving the mystery of life.