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Creative Nonfiction

College student Ella is completely focused on her ambiguously romantic relationship with her dorm-mate, Chris. She is so consumed by trying to understand his behavior that she's neglecting the screenplay she is supposed to write in order to graduate. When she does sit down to work on the script, her increasingly awkward social life bleeds onto the page and her work begins to express her true feelings about her own situation.

College student Ella is completely focused on her ambiguously romantic relationship with her dorm-mate, Chris. She is so consumed by trying to understand his behavior that she's neglecting ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Will L (br) wrote: I honestly enjoyed this film, despite the fact that it tries a bit too hard to be a Tarantino film. Considering how often imitated he is, at least this one is pretty good. The performances are a lot of fun, especially Mark Hamill's, and it's got plenty of blood to go around.

Stephen Y (nl) wrote: I rate this movie 4.0 stars. That's 3.75 stars for the story + 0.25 stars for its nostalgia value.I am a F.O.B. After watching this movie, it dawned on me that I'm either "Fresh Off the Boat" or have some of it in me. A Hong Kong film, Love in a Puff is a funny and heart touching love story. While anyone would enjoy watching this movie, it really helped this viewer that he understood Cantonese and the nuances of its culture. In fact, the way the actors spoke and acted reminded me of my past and the people I knew growing up. (i.e. In NY, I knew one Mandarin speaking person per 50 Cantonese, in California it's reverse.)At its core, Love in a Puff is a love story weaved around the last days before the government implements a no smoking ban in public places. As any smoker will attest to there is a certain social network and camaraderie that is created when you go outside everyday to smoke with the same group of people. (i.e. In fact, Friends even had an episode with Rachel trying to learn how to smoke so she could be part of the crowd.) It's through these daily smoking gatherings that the two main actors meet and fall in love...that is with some challenges along the way of course.Acting in Love in a Puff was well done with special mention going to Miriam Yeung Chin Wah, who played her role well. However, I give special mention not for her acting but rather her ability to look plain in one scene and really attractive in another. (What's was that all about?) Additionally, the screen play was also "spot on" capturing how Cantonese people speak or...uh curse. It was hilarious. Direction and editing was also well done as expected from Ho-Cheung Pang (a.k.a. Edmond Pang, whose the younger brother of Oxide Pang. The Pang Brothers who made Bangkok Dangerous).This film is recommended for rental and highly recommended if you speak Cantonese. The cultural innuendos, expressions, and cursing will have you laughing. Though the excessive smoking by the actors throughout the film almost had me looking for a cigarette and a Mahjong table. (Note: The two main actors quit smoking in the end for a nice finish). All and all, a cute entertaining movie to watch and worth a viewing if you ever come across the video.

John Joseph M (jp) wrote: Beautifully shot, it's a top notch psychological thriller.

Mark S (au) wrote: An amazing psychological thriller. It explores many things I've never seen before and plays off of unexplained mystery more than anything. I would definitely watch this again, even knowing the ending.

Jason C (fr) wrote: Unsettling and promising first five minutes sadly evaporates into piss poor shit after that. The tag line said a cross between Blair Witch and Psycho, the only thing it had in common with Blair Witch is that there was woodland and the main chick looked a tad like Heather Donahue, and liker Heather screamed a lot but sadly was lacking her acting skills. As for what it had in coomon with Psycho, well I ain'ta scoobies.

Stevie S (it) wrote: more like The Secret of Dyke Mountain..... how did I not notice this as a kid?!

angel p (us) wrote: this was a great movie

Tim H (ag) wrote: As far as rubber suited monster flicks go, this one is pretty lame. Feels like a bigger budgeted episode of something like Power Rangers. Really lame comedy doesn't help things.

Scott W (jp) wrote: Absolute rubbish. The majority of the film consisted of scene after scene of lion/tiger taming with incessant roaring from the big cats and crude circus music. Carradine is fine as the mad scientist and the Wolfman style transformation from gorilla into pretty girl is done with Jack Pierce's customary style, but there is little else to recommend inthis tiresome film.

Larry L (kr) wrote: Not quite as evocative as Communion, but also purported as "a true story"... Bud Hopkins' take on the abduction story is a must see for anyone interested in the "Visitors"

John D (kr) wrote: Hate me on this, but this is maybe one of the most awesome over the top action flick in years. Very memorable and been watching this film for like 5 times now. The more over acting sequences are, the more awesome it will get. With all the ridiculous gun fight scenes combine with the best modern rock music you'll hear, it will make your movie appetite filled. The story was a mess, but when you got Clive Owen and Giamatti on this funny and smart screenplay, it's a different story. If you're tired of watching slow paced boring stuffs. This will feed you even better. A must have Blu-ray material.