With the help of student assistant Boris and stolen university equipment, Dr. Harry Wolper plans to clone his dead wife. But then he meets Meli, an egg donor for his experiment, and they fall in love. Faced with choosing between his deceased wife and Meli, Dr. Wolper sees his situation in a new light when Boris' own new love, Barbara, falls into a coma. Meanwhile, another professor tries shutting down the cloning project.

An eccentric scientist teaches a student in his own manner while he looks for a way to clone his deceased wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter F (ca) wrote: It's no secret that Jim Jarmusch is a huge fan of proto-punks The Stooges (having cast Iggy Pop in two of his narrative films), and his documentary about them is about as hagiographic as you'd expect, but it also wears the mark of a true auteur. Gimmie Danger charts the rise, fall and revival of the Stooges, marked by pleasing interviews, archival footage, and animation sequences that are all presented in a aesthetically sufficient way. That said, what really makes Gimme Danger stand out amidst other rock-docs, is the present of the great punk granddaddy himself: Iggy Pop. Iggy Pop is as affable a music icon as ever, and it's obvious why Jarmusch decided to let his interviews with him narrate the bulk of the film. Fans of the group won't learn too much new material from this film, but they'll be certain to get a loving reminder about why the Stooges really were the "greatest rock-and-roll band of all time".

Bathsheba M (mx) wrote: A bon-bon of a film. It reminded me of Hyde Park on the Hudson in that nothing actually happens. But while Hyde Park dwelled on FDRs smarmy adulterous affairs, this one dwells on FRANCE! On French food in detail, beautifully photographed and lovingly (that's the only word to describe it) described. How the food is sourced, how the food is prepared, how much every one enjoys it! If there's a more pleasant scene in current film than the French president sitting down in a humble kitchen and enjoying an illicit meal of sliced truffles on buttered toast with a suitable red wine I don't know what it is. There is some conflict with the main kitchen and the boys who run the place, but it wasn't enough to actually call a plot, but that's not what you see a movie like this for. And make sure you have reservations at a good restaurant afterwards!

Jay B (nl) wrote: While I don't care for Star Trek in general, I do enjoy the cast of this new incarnation (mostly Pegg and Saldana) ... and there was plenty enough excitement for them to shine a bit here.

John B (de) wrote: This was a cheezy sequel with not much entertainment value, but, the kids enjoyed the jungle animals

Heather M (fr) wrote: Goofy, romantic fun.

Katie B (ag) wrote: love sandra bullock...heart touching movie

Marc B (ca) wrote: Jack at his miserably comical best.

Andrew M (gb) wrote: Not as good as the first one, simply on the grounds that the original 2 characers aren't in the movie. But still a good movie and worth watching.

Katie G (nl) wrote: Half a star is being generous!

X T (gb) wrote: A beautifully restrained and moody movie. At first the slow theatrical way the characters talk felt awkward but thankfully all of the emotions were perfectly conveyed with the characters' body language. It's a very feminist film in which the female character's stream of thought voiceovers shifts between past and present tense to express her desperation and stasis.

Cody C (fr) wrote: Third act is really by the books and boring and botched. It's not a bad movie, and it has a few great moments, it just could've been way better. Gene Tierney is incredible, see it for her.

Alejandro E (kr) wrote: Drama basado en hechos reales que expone la lamentable realidad de los crimenes por intolerancia en los aos 60. A destacar Willem Defoe y Gene Hackman en sus roles de agentes federales

Marta K (br) wrote: A cute version of dangerous liasons! Or rather, I don't think Forman would appreciate me using that adjective... let's say it only pertained to Colin Firth. The rest was... enchanting. Especially costumes.