Creature of the Walking Dead

Creature of the Walking Dead

Brought back to life by his grandson, a diabolical scientist with an unquenchable thirst for blood goes on a rampage.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:74 minutes
  • Release:1965
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:immortality,  

A mad scientist, who discovered the secret of eternal youth by draining of blood from a young woman, gets executed. His ancestor moves into the home, eventually discovering the scientist's body. He revives him, and the terror continues. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Creature of the Walking Dead torrent reviews

Magnus S (gb) wrote: Interesting concept that just fell flat.

Chase N (ru) wrote: I like this movie a lot and would love to see it

Chris R (it) wrote: Do not ever watch this film! it is now #1 on my list of shittest movies ever made!

Rafael H (kr) wrote: Very nice Christmas movie. Very underrated!

Anne F (kr) wrote: Quiet slow moving films are great especially when there are no car chases and people firing guns at each other, but this story about four people living in the same block of flats had too little happening, it was impossible to work out what they were doing and why, and I felt no connection with any of them.

Michael D (jp) wrote: Lerner always makes great music documentaries and this is no exception. What I possibly enjoyed most was Stanley Crouch bitching about 'Bitches Brew' more than thirty years after the fact. More docs should seek out dissenting voices - it makes for much more entertaining viewing.

Edwin T (nl) wrote: Not one of Robert Altman's better movies.

Jack W (jp) wrote: Starts off terrible but thanks to some unexpected directions it becomes a decent little film.

Anwar V (au) wrote: Palomera y divertida.

corey m (jp) wrote: it's just one of those movies you have to get. i get it most people don't that's this films only flaw

Logan M (jp) wrote: An artistically romantic tour of Vienna accompanied by Richard Linklater's signature philosophical thoughtfulness.

Chris M (it) wrote: A joyously dreadful Halloween clone-and boy, do I mean CLONE! I'd say it's a more sufficient remake of Halloween than Rob Zombie's version. Shot through what must be a few tons of vasaline, Offerings tells the tragic story of a southern valley girl(?) who finds herself stalked by an old childhood friend who recently broke out of an asylum. Some of the death scenes are well executed and the cast is a real hoot. Besides story theft, Offerings has a near identical score to John Carpenter's seminal slasher epic Halloween. Offerings could make for a good triple feature along with such trash classics as Pieces and Slaughter High. Even though it's dreadful, you can't stop watching. Give it a try, you might just find a new guilty pleasure to beat yourself up over.

Tom H (mx) wrote: a nice 80`s ghost story with some rough edges but a must see if you like cheesy 80`s horror!

Barry S (au) wrote: "The Trial" could have been SO much better. No character exploration, spotty direction. It was obviously such a painful effort to keep this a PG-13 movie. Just a very dull flick with little suspense. If you sleep through the middle after seeing the beginning and the ending you haven't really missed much. The kid accused of murder isn't guilty and that's exactly what you knew at the beginning. Unfortunately, I didn't sleep through it.

Amanda C (mx) wrote: A solid film. Nothing special, but interesting none the less.

Jason S (gb) wrote: kindof odd movie but i enjoy it esp the ladies

Randy H (jp) wrote: Couldn't last 10 minutes before turning it off.