Creatures from the Pink Lagoon

Creatures from the Pink Lagoon

In 1967, a chemical plant near a discreet roadside restroom causes an outbreak of gay zombies. At a near by beach cottage a group of best friends must fight off the undead.

In 1967, a chemical plant near a discreet roadside restroom causes an outbreak of gay zombies. At a near by beach cottage a group of best friends must fight off the undead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew B (jp) wrote: You know you are walking into a drama - but the alcoholic dad thing is a little clich (C). And in this case while well done a little close to home. Anne and I are not going to be seeing this one again.

Adam K (jp) wrote: Barbara Sukowa is fantastic in the title role in this portrayal of Hannah Arendt's famous account of the 1961 trial of former Nazi Adolf Eichmann. Intelligent and challenging cinema. Recommended!

John M (mx) wrote: tries so hard to be Napoleon Dynamite, what with its lead being a goofy funny-haired ginger wierdo from a small town of hicks. the idea of a movie entirely about air-drumming is a pretty funny one, but the movie is way too in on it's own joke that it's vibe renders the concept completely unfunny.

Alexander P (au) wrote: Well what can you say, I can understand its meaning, its purpose but a lot is lacking. De Palma loses his way and maybe that it what can best describe the whole Iraq occupation in itself. At points the film loses its structure and even the documentary loses any sense. A good idea but just not completed as it could have been

DJ J (it) wrote: My Brother has a touching story, but it wasn't always interesting throughout the movie, and often I found myself bored. Also, the potential girlfriend didn't really add anything to the film. Although I enjoyed the movie, the long drawn out drama got to be a bit much.

Joshua L (gb) wrote: Wonderfully-shot short with an imprecise-yet-strong message. The child actors were impressive.

Dustin J (it) wrote: I like Ben Kingsley. His performance in this film is excellent and riveting. Unique story highlighted by clever direction and acting.

Dimitris S (gb) wrote: Not necessarily a victorious effort for all the protagonists,the feeling of boredom,reckless rebellion and oh-so comedic attention is what makes us get involved with this mosaic of intertwined events in Taipei.Superb performances from all the cast with Congsheng standing out,Yang is penetrative in the simplicity of the city's natural flow that we almost become part of its heat and bright lights.

Augustine H (us) wrote: Few filmmakers could mix literary and homosexuality together into a loveless world like Fassbinder did. However, do we really need that? The stage dialogues are awkward to me somehow, not to mention the appalling sex scenes under the intentional technicolour.

Mike S (it) wrote: Pre-Matrix Keanu Reeves plays Johnny, a courier who uploads valuable information directly into a chip in his brain and carries it to its intended recipient for downloading. He hates his job and wants the chip removed, but that costs money. So he takes on one last high-paying job, but there's too much data for his storage capacity and threatens to leak out into his brain and kill him in 24 hours unless he can download it. What he doesn't know is the data is stolen and the owners want it back and will kill him and cut off his head to get it. Because in this future world, there's no Internet and no backups.It's an interesting premise, but the execution of the idea is confusing and pointless. There's lots of running around, lots of gunfights and fistfights, and a group of anti-technology revolutionaries using technology to tell everyone to disconnect from technology because it's making them ill. Watch Blade Runner instead.

robieanna e (us) wrote: Madea's witness protection