Torrential rains cause the swollen river, whose waters inundate a village. The current drags the cow Crebinsky and his brothers, who miraculously reappear alive in a place on the coast. Installed there at the foot of a lighthouse, which brings survive by sea. Isolated military conflicts, the brothers created their own world: a particular universe made of realism and fantasy.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Gallegan,Spanish,German,English,Russian
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Las lluvias torrenciales provocan la crecida de un río, cuyas aguas inundan un pueblo. La corriente arrastra a los hermanos Crebinsky y a su vaca, que reaparecen milagrosamente vivos en un lugar de la costa. Instalados allí, al pie de un faro, sobreviven recogiendo lo que trae el mar. Aislados de los conflictos bélicos, los hermanos crean su propio mundo: un universo particular hecho de realismo y fantasía. Cuando, un día, su vaca Muchka desaparece, emprenden una búsqueda desesperada que los conducirá desde la costa hasta el interior: no saben muy bien a dónde van, pero una serie de encuentros inesperados, de sentimientos soterrados, de recuerdos borrados afloran a su memoria y los llevan a descubrir de dónde vienen. (FILMAFFINITY) . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Huw G (es) wrote: Above average tweeny cheese.

Ronald Neil B (es) wrote: Deeply moving and genuine - an instant favorite! It's like 'A Walk To Remember' meets 'Before Sunrise.' :)

Lexi R (ag) wrote: Kelly, a famous country musician asked her husband, "Do you ever wonder what would've happened if we stayed in Bristol?" "Yeah, I'd be selling insurance and you'd be singing in the church choir and we'd be miserable," replied James. Perhaps he was right, but what makes him think their rich and famous lifestyle is any better? Country Strong provides viewers with the reality of fame and fortune through beautiful songs, perspicuous emotions, and the drama in the life of a famous country musician. Shana Feste memorably portrays a renowned lifestyle through superb acting and a punctilious script, which appeals to viewer's emotions. Gwyneth Palthrow plays a popular country musician (Kelly Canter) who struggles to fight off her depression and alcohol addiction through rehab. James Canter (Tim McGraw) her manager and supposed husband pulls Kelly out of rehab early in order to start up her career again. Along for the ride are Beau (Garrett Hedlund), an aspiring country musician and Kelly's manifest lover, and Chiles (Leighton Meester), a beauty queen singer who dreams of following in the footsteps of Kelly, her idol. As Kelly tries to move forward, she is constantly reminded of her failing marriage and the tragic loss of their unborn child, which occurred during last year's Dallas tour, making performing even harder. On a happier note, by the end of the tour, Beau and Chiles develop a passion for each other, but will fame ruin their chance at love? Feste picked an excellent cast for this movie. Palthrow portrays several emotions effortlessly throughout the movie. In one scene she is happy and free, enjoying an afternoon on a train with Beau and in another she is distraught, miserable, and feeling as though she's not good enough for anyone. Her expressions say it all, whether it's the look of fear in her eye or the hopeful smile she displays. Kelly tries to hide her pain behind forced smiles, numerous tour dates, and her love for aspiring country musician Beau, but in reality her inability to win over her husband's love knocks her down. James Canter does an excellent job managing Kelly's career and leaving her without any of his love or support as her husband, which is the one thing she needs most. This is evident when Kelly tries to relight her love for James, but all she gets in return is rejecting body language, blank empty gazes and an urging to impress her fans. Although the script can be anticipated, the meaning behind the storyline has truth, like Beau said, "Love and fame can't live in the same place." Feste ultimately proves this. Kelly finds a way to prove herself to her fans in her final performance at Dallas but knows that without love, fame isn't worth the sacrifice. Some may just pass this movie by and think it's just another fake or superficial movie that has no depth, but I disagree. This is an uplifting movie that really pulls on the viewer's heartstrings and gives a deeper meaning to life: one that asks, is fame really worth the sacrifice?

Lydia G (es) wrote: Frmodligen bttre odubbad.

Lee M (kr) wrote: Loach's relentlessly grim drama is an almost too painful to watch drama about a woman who loses six of her children to the state's social service authorities.

Sam S (it) wrote: A really good film. Each episode features a touching story, none of which is overdone and all which touch upon important aspects of the human condition, especially during wartime. Really quite moving, especially the ending. I'm starting to get into this neorealism stuff!

MF J (jp) wrote: Wow this film is actually one of the worst piece of film making I have ever seen. It's so bad it's beyond fun! Part horror part comedy this film never really manages to find it's tone and ends up being a massive dud! Warwick Davies is really awesome as the Leprechaun and manages to be the best thing about this film. Everything else look, sound and is cheap, bad and clich. Anniston must pray for people to forget she ever was in this film, while the rest of the cast and crew is probably still having some laugh about this joke. Some sequences are really awesome though like when the Leprechaun steals a toy car and speeds on the highway and a cop stops him... that was mythic. apart from unintentional laughs and some interesting camera work, there is really not much to chew on with this vapid flick. Still one must say by today's standards it's one of these cult classic so bad it's great to put on the same shelf as Anaconda or The Room.