Creep Van

Creep Van

When Campbell, a vehicle-less 20-something slacker, innocently makes the mistake of answering a FOR SALE sign placed on a dilapidated van, suspense and action take over as he is suddenly caught-up in a deadly game of cat and mouse that puts everyone close to him in mortal danger.

Forced to team up with a sleazy conman to hunt down and stop the murderous Creep Van, misfit Campbell Jackson finds himself in for one hell of a bloody ride. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter M (fr) wrote: Sean Bean prostitutes himself for a piece of Arab propaganda. Those poor muslim terrorists have no choice due to the dreadful behaviour of the west. It's all our own fault that they behave in such a primitive savage way

Crystal E (ag) wrote: Funny but now as good as his other stuff. But not a bad watch on netflix

Douglas W (mx) wrote: A UK comical version of Inside Man. Not as good but still very enjoyable.

Anthony P (us) wrote: Aside from the awesome cast and the fact as a 13 y.o I was finally able to see breasts and a lesbian kiss in a movie it was honorably bad.

THE WORLD IS YOURS (mx) wrote: #1 favorite movie out there!

Paul D (ag) wrote: A poor thriller with the best 'worst' line of dialogue written for the screen. I won't spoil it but it is early on when Arquette is a naked silhouette in the bathroom.

Jessica H (ru) wrote: A wonderfully long film with horrible casting for the role of Yentl.

Thullin K (nl) wrote: Not as bad as expected....... but the plot is ridiculous in general.

Lee M (fr) wrote: Between a 6/10 and 7/10, it doesn't give away where its going, but perhaps that's because it doesn't really go anywhere. If nothing else, the film is worth checking out for it's cast, including Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie debut.

Jesse B (es) wrote: As far as war movies go, Suzuki Seijun's "Story of a Prostitute" is not as straight forward an indictment of war as we are used to, nor does it attempt to argue the values of war in some imperialistic poetic fashion; rather it is more of the Japanese war-film equivalent of "Easy Rider" than "Paths of Glory".Director Suzuki is much more of an easy going rebel in his films, utilizing every camera trick in the book in order to get his thoughts across on screen. His courage as a filmmaker can be found quite easily in "Story of a Prostitute" a story of the 'comfort women' who gave enlisted men and officers alike the company of their presence. Harumi (Nogawa Yumiko) is a professional prostitute who has offered her services to her country by traveling to a small village on the Manchurian front where she hopes to escape the memory of a man whom she had pleasured and subsequently fallen in love with, only to find that he has married another woman. Disgraced and angry she takes on the laborious task of drowning her sorrows in fruitless encounters.Harumi quickly becomes the favorite plaything of a sadistic commanding adjutant, Lt. Narita (Tamagawa Isao), a man who will beat you as soon as look at you -- woman and soldier alike. To Lt. Narita there are only officers who qualify as human -- all else are simply disposable waste which is their job to die in battle for his glory. Mikami, an officer demoted to Private for "un-patriotic thoughts" (Kawaji Tamio) has been sentenced to be the assistant of the adjutant which requires his absolute dog-like obedience and willingness to be mistreated. Harumi, after an encounter with Narita, spots the fragile Mikami and instantly finds an emotional pull toward him. Mikami fights her advances however, unwilling to stand in contention with his superior in any way. Ultimately Harumi brings Mikami to the point of giving in and a bond is then created between the two. As the story continues, Mikami is wounded in battle and subsequently taken prisoner by the Chinese. Being against the strict code of the Japanese military to be taken prisoner by the enemy, Mikami is faced with a chance at life as physical prisoner, or face court-marshal and possible death by execution at the hand of his countrymen.This notion of being held captive is at the heart of this film. Harumi is trapped by her need to escape the torment of her old lover; and Mikami is held unfailingly by the age old tradition of homeland which, in the film, is presented in unflinching opposition.Director Suzuki, who fought in the second World War, speaks in an interview on his views of battle. He finds it neither tragic nor horrifying -- rather, comically inane. Men running toward death with only the hope of living long enough to bring another man to death before his own. Suzuki's commentary regarding his country's bygone ideas of morality is quite clear: he finds it all rather foolish. In fact, if it were not for the director's lighter touches and laid back manor, one might group him in with such a filmmaker as Imamura Shohei (a raging satirist of Japanese morality and its collective social conscience). However, instead of bearing his teeth as he turns up his middle finger to inanities of war, he simply drives by, hair blowing in the wind and chuckles at notion of glory as men kill each other to prove some point or another.

Zinc Z (jp) wrote: Good movie guilty pleasure

Stefan G (nl) wrote: This film is pretty much what you might expect from a clich monster movie, but it somehow goes lower than that. It attempts to revive the old-fashioned style of monster movie while simultaneously passing off as some sort of bizarre murder mystery, and this approach, while it might sound interesting on paper, doesn't work very well in practice, mainly due to the film's somewhat clumsy pacing. It also doesn't help that you barely get a good look at the monster until the later parts of the movie, and the parts where you see close-ups of the monster don't hide the film's low budget and cheap production values very well. The acting is alright, but the characters all come across as stock characters with no real personality whatsoever. Though not the worst in terms of special effects, the film does a pretty bad job at depicting a convincing monster, and this makes for a very unscary horror film. Although the film has some interesting ideas up its sleeve, it fails to deliver on them in a manner that would make for an engaging creature feature. Because of this, the end result that we're left with a cheesy B-movie that doesn't even pass for a joke.