Cremaster 3

Cremaster 3

CREMASTER 3 (2002) is set in New York City and narrates the construction of the Chrysler Building, which is in itself a character - host to inner, antagonistic forces at play for access to the process of (spiritual) transcendence. These factions find form in the struggle between Hiram Abiff or the Architect ...

The third film of a five-part art-installation epic -- it's part-zombie movie, part-gangster film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohd S (au) wrote: Suicide Girls gone wilds.

Kylie C (ru) wrote: Wasnt a bad movie. It was very predictable, but what movie isnt anymore? It wasnt at all boring at any point. I have seen tons of movies like this, but this one was rather good.

Karine M (gb) wrote: Un bon film d'action "legere" parce que c'est plus axe sur la psychologie des personnages que sur leur actes en soi. Un policier qui infilte un gang de mechants, et qui doit torturer un prisonnier pour lui soutirer des informations concernant un vol d'argent. Le film semble s'etirer pour n'en venir nul part, et HOP, un punch final assez imprevisible! surprenant. C'est le genre de film dont on pense connaitre le denouement, mais ou l'on reste surpris! Une bonne location !

Drew S (jp) wrote: This poor thing is a total mess in every way possible. Animation, story, characters...It's a really bad Kenshin ripoff with a female lead.

Tyler W (gb) wrote: For a movie that really revolves around Pamela Anderson's nude scenes, you really need to have more than 2 or 3 of those even at the expense of story. Pam gets 5 stars, but the bad movie brings it down to 3.

Jebus C (de) wrote: Probably the first Cheech & Chong movie that's just so pointless that it really isn't worth turning up for. Both guys are still fun to watch and Chong actually has more fun as an evil Arab than Cheech does wanting to stab everyone he meets.

Hayley B (kr) wrote: its not fantastic but still good, i was very interested to know what was happening

Brett H (ru) wrote: A C-level horror anthology film that neither leaves its mark nor entertains and I was quite underwhelmed by the proceedings. The director/writer/editor of the film, Damien Leone, had great intentions of making a cool horror movie, but the low-budget effects, amateur acting, and lack of originality sunk this ship early. The setup is simple with a little boy finding a mysterious videotape in his trick-r-treat bag and then the movie plays out similar to the V/H/S franchise with the characters watching short films and then we see their reaction. The director spliced two of his pre-made horror shorts into the film and wrote one original segment involving an alien (which was just laughable) and the final short, Terrifier, is easily the strongest but only because of some actual thrills taking place. It's a noble effort from a guy making horror films out-of-pocket, but I couldn't recommend it to anyone on principle alone: it's not scary!

Ty W (br) wrote: best 1 of whole series

Yannick D (jp) wrote: A number of things are bizarre about this one. Most notably how its syrupy Sunday-afternoon-TV-movie conceit contorts itself into a ludicrous three hour runtime.

Tim P (ru) wrote: Not a great movie. Paul Walker should stick to driving fast cars and not a gun slinger. Bad acting.

EQ R (kr) wrote: The great cast with a story formed to be a cliche buddy film/romantic comedy really misses the mark where these kinds of movies need to hit the most...the laughs. It pulls a few chuckles out of you but overall it's not a memorable comedy nor a great one. It gets halfway there based on the potential alone, it just gives up on the finished product. C-

Gregory M (br) wrote: This was beautiful and heartfelt.I adored every scene and every single directing choice.The cast was marvellous,every one of them was amazing.Keira Knightley was a sight for sour eyes and a great acting force while James McAvoy owned every scene he was in with his pure blue stare and his talent.I found the story greatly interesting and I swear the end just broke me apart.A really great movie.I adored every second.