Cresceranno i carciofi a Mimongo

Cresceranno i carciofi a Mimongo

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:1990s,   generation x,  

Sergio has a degree in botanics but he cannot find a job. While he tries to get one, following the techniques written in a 'mistake-free' book, his life gets shaken by his noisy room-mate ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cresceranno i carciofi a Mimongo torrent reviews

Paul D (it) wrote: Urban shocker with plenty of half-truths about housing estates thrown together for impact, and with some imagination thrown into the story too.

alejandro e (kr) wrote: A great film. I just wish live action films would be equal if not better in story telling.

Kerby H (us) wrote: About as funny, but the jokes are fairly recycled by the time they made this. However, when it's funny, it's absolutely hilarious.

Brianna M (ru) wrote: :)))) love this movie ! its soooo good and let me say huge john cena fan :))))

Lee M (fr) wrote: Your enjoyment of Adventures of Power will be proportional to your tolerance for the one-joke phenomenon of air drumming.

Arvi H (de) wrote: something for my soul. beautifully showed suburban heavyheartedness. story of six uncommunicative & miserable people who are "trapped in a box". slow, but i liked it. i enjoyed every second of inactivity in that movie. all that gray misery added with upper class dark humour. one of my favourite.

Ifty Z (nl) wrote: Finally, a documentary about Iraq that puts Iraqis at the centre stage - and not just politicos and big wigs but ordinary people. This is an extraordinarily affecting documentary. One might wish for more resolution or greater narrative focus, but then, Iraq's future itself is still open-ended. I'm glad the director didn't try to force any of the 3 stories into artificial structures.26/07/2008

Lokka C (au) wrote: love alex beaupain's music~La Bastille!!!

Tyler S (mx) wrote: This is one of the better high school flicks I have seen and it came a little late. Some awesome performances here. I love how the film dissected each character and told their back story which related to the overall film. It's a story of greed and corruption albeit on the high school level. It keeps you interested from the beginning and has some crude humor that will keep you on your toes. The pacing is brilliant and I loved the all around performances.

Clayton (us) wrote: Celebration of all things cock in stockings. Fabulous!

Roger G (es) wrote: I had no idea this existed.

Mark S (jp) wrote: The book it ain't; no faithful retelling of Zelazny's story to see here. But it is Cheesy-tastic sci-fi B movie goodness at it's very best, totally tops, a must see!

John W (it) wrote: A well-done, albeit rather predictable story of a mother who sacrifices her own hopes and dreams so her daughter will have a better life than she did. Barbara Stanwyck's tour de force performance elevates "Stella Dallas," (1937) above the level of mere soap opera.

Luciano G (br) wrote: The movie centers a lot around family, and a mystery that has to do with a boy's missing father..... although the movie caught my attention from the beginning, I did find the middle part of the story a bit slow, but it got more interesting as the movie progresses - and it carried all the way through the rest of the movie...... I recommend watching this if you're into a bit of time traveling, mystery, and drama...

Martin T (fr) wrote: Cooper's film is an impressionistic look at war, one that strikes an unusual and haunting tone. John Alcott's cinematography blends seamlessly with archival footage, to the point where you often can't tell what's new and what came from the vaults. I liked this one a lot, but I thought it could have edged a little bit closer to the avant-garde. The flash-forwards, fantasies, and the beautiful letter-writing scene were the highlights.

James R (br) wrote: The only one of the Species films that i havent seen.