Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment

A man is haunted by a murder he's committed.

Man is haunted by a murder he's committed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Salah A (ag) wrote: A few chuckles here and there, but it's overall disgusting.

Jon E (ru) wrote: Meryl Streep displays her strength as an actress in this portrayal of Margaret Thatcher's life and decline in later life. Released before the 'Iron Lady' passed, the feature focuses primarily on Thatcher's internal struggles. Though admittedly the plot does portray a 'right wing dream' to some extent, Meryl Streep plays the role phenomenally, and delivers a truly touching performance as she depicts Thatcher struggling to come to terms with her life whilst interacting with apparitions of her deceased husband Dennis. The film progresses extremely smoothly.Understandably, this won't be everyone's proverbial cup of tea - especially those who already hold strong animosity towards Thatcher. But the quality of Streep's performance is alone enough reason to justify watching this feature. Critics have focussed too much on the political quarrels with this film, and generally have failed to bestow on Streep the praise she deserves.

Lilly O (ag) wrote: Actually pretty good lol

Joetaeb D (gb) wrote: Sure it's terribly clichd, choppily edited and poorly dubbed by the infamous 4Kids. But there's something oddly charming about the Yu-Gi-Oh movie, maybe it's because I grew up with the series and cards.

Denis S (de) wrote: It's like math in school. I do not understand all of it, some things make sense, and it's a whole world for itself. It's a masterpiece for a first time director and we all know that it shaped the career of Darren Aronofsky. The score by Clint Mansell is fantastic and together with the camerawork of Matthew Libatique the film puts us right in the head of the main protagonist. It is a b/w math poetry in motion. But still you really have to pay attention to follow Aronofsky through his film.

Beverly R (nl) wrote: with could it go wrong?

Craig C (br) wrote: This hard to find short from Gaspar Noe introduced an unwilling audience to his unremittingly bleak vision of contemporary French culture. Astonishing.

Ashley H (es) wrote: Quest for Fire is an awesome movie. It is about three prehistoric tribesmen who go in search for a new fire source. Everett McGill and Ron Perlman give fantastic performances. The screenplay is well written. Jean-Jacques Annaud did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the adventure and drama. Quest for Fire is a must see.

John B (gb) wrote: Cute otter story staring Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna. It'll have you crying like a baby.

Silver Screen S (es) wrote: A Christmas classic, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is one part raunchy and two parts a conventional Christmas film that emphasizes the annoyance and frustration experienced throughout the holiday season. Very fun to watch and a must for any collection.

Zachary Y (us) wrote: Warwick Davis is great.

Mauricio J (gb) wrote: Un verdadero clasico del cine