Crime Busters

Crime Busters

An attempted robbery turns to be an unexpected recruitment when two unemployed men mistakenly break into a police office instead of a store.

An attempted robbery turns to be an unexpected recruitment when two unemployed men mistakenly break into a police office instead of a store. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pepper W (es) wrote: Cute, happy movie for when you just need to feel good. Got quite a few giggles out of it & even though it was a bit predictable at times, I still enjoyed it. David Tennant is definitely a bonus!

Ola G (fr) wrote: When ordinary citizen Jack DeVries (Chris Mulkey) suddenly robs banks and goes on a killing spree, the LAPD struggles to find the answer to DeVries actions. Eventually DeVries ends up in a high speed chase leaving him seriously wounded in the hospital. LAPD detective Sgt. Thomas Beck (Michael Nouri) is put on the case and before he knows it the slightly odd Special Agent Lloyd Gallagher (Kyle MacLachlan) from the FBI is assigned to work with Beck on the case. Gallagher states he has been trailing DeVries for the past month all the way from Seattle. At the hospital, DeVries suddenly awakes, disconnects his life-support equipment and walks over to the comatose man in the next bed, Jonathan P. Miller (William Boyett). DeVries rips off Miller's breathing mask, then a slug-like Alien emerges from DeVries' mouth and transfers itself into Miller's body; DeVries then drops dead. When a doctor and nurse defibrillate Miller, Miller amazes the staff by awakening and calmly walking out. Beck and Gallagher arrives in the hospital, finding DeVries dead body and a missing Jonathan P. Miller. The hunt for something dangerous and not from this world has just begun...What a hidden (he he) gem "The Hidden" is. I bought this on a vhs tape abroad back in 1988ish due to what I had red about the movie. This was during the time of the heyday for the Swedish Board of Censorship and of course "The Hidden" was censored due to the graphic violence. So getting hold of a vhs tape from England without any cuts was of course a highlight for me. This is a fast paced layered action flick with a base in extra terrestials and shape shifters. Theres a bit of "The Thing", "Dark Angel" (the 1990 Dolph Lundgren movie) and "Alien Nation" in it and I love that quirkiness of the evil alien, who likes fast cars, guns, heavy music and is set on taking over earth. Michael Nouri and Kyle MacLachlan works well as odd cop colleagues. Gotta love Claudia Christian, a major stunner for sure. "The Hidden" is violent, but I reckon it fits with the storyline. And yes, the FX is a bit wobbly, but thats ok, theres not that much in it so it doesnt disturb the pattern of movie. I like as well the ending with Gallagher giving life to Beck and thus becoming Beck and in the process has a wife and daughter yet again.

Linda S (au) wrote: interesting movie about a 37 year old who falls in love with a 17 year old.

Karen L (jp) wrote: This shook me to the core.

Grant K (fr) wrote: DeNiro is decent and Willis is a riot, but this is a lame, uninspired look behind the Hollywood curtains, trouble is, the inside jokes just aren't that funny.

Mikko T (jp) wrote: Serbian mad faery tale full of big breasts, gypsies with machineguns, nails falling from old man's mouth, drinking vodka and of course soundtrack from No Smoking Orchestra. I love Kusturica's worlds :)

JJ M (es) wrote: Like my mate said, wrap yourself up warm and enjoy the ride aboard the festival express. As I was quite ignorant of the genius of Janis Joplin previous to this, it was quite a treasured moment when she appears on stage for the first time and belts out 'cry baby' with astonishing emotion and vigour. All the more tragic when you think she died three months later. At the end, just before she plays the last song with the great Jerry Garcia, she presents the two organisers with a model of the train, 'to always remember the journey', and a crate of tequila, 'to continue the journey'. I don't know but that moment was quite chilling when you think about it. But a great rockumentary nevertheless.

sofie h (br) wrote: This movie is 1 of the funniest movies i have eva seen

JJ S (de) wrote: Maybe it's because of a teen obsession with Alyssa Milano, but I enjoyed this movie back in the day. At a time when I was used to seeing formulaic garbage, this movie really took chances and was something different; something unique. Quirky is probably the best way to describe it, and the relationship between Milano's character and Dempsey's character really makes the movie. An Oscar-caliber film? No way. A good way to spend an evening and learn that all movies and not just recycled garbage from older movies? Certainly.

Golia K (jp) wrote: Sweat-inducing suspense thriller

TobyLinn S (ru) wrote: I saw this movie on late night tv once and absolutely loved it! donald sutherland is perfect as a surrogate father to adam horowitz's troubled character.

Ambrose B (ru) wrote: a classic of the genre featuring sid james and most of the rest of the familiar gang locked in confontation with a stroppy foreman at his lavatory factory. Toilet humour at its best. Just the sort that me and the mrs enjoy

Ariel S (au) wrote: A great movie that moves loosely and avoids falling into any pre-set path. Creative and exciting.

Amy H (jp) wrote: Storyline is not bad, everything makes sense and falls into place nicely. Character building is quite good as well. Acting is not bad, a lot better than a lot of Hollywood actors. Just some part ie picking up weapons etc would be a good idea! But definitely a watch-able movie.

Scott W (de) wrote: Excellent creepy thriller with a glowing monster tearing out the throatsof its victims in the marshes.Rathbone and Bruce are brilliant as ever and Gerald Hamer is great as the local postman. This one scared me as a child. Ian Wolfe plays a drunk butler.

Katherine R (gb) wrote: from what scenes i have seen, it looks really good.

Drew M (gb) wrote: 3 1/2 stars. I've barely scratched the surface of Woody Allen's films, but this one is without a doubt the most gorgeous looking film he's made from what I have seen so far. The film itself is very good up until a certain scene that betrays it's characters and it goes straight to the shitter from there. Which really suck's because I actually thought this was one of his even more underappreciated films up until that point.

Randy P (ru) wrote: It gets its point across with along the way a few jokes and some fun moments.