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Crime Lords

Two ex-cops find themselves alone in their fight against the largest crime syndicate in the world - the Crime Lords. The action takes us from the streets of Los Angeles to the back alleys of Hong Kong in this buddy movie.

Crime Lords is a great movie of Rand Ravich, Gregory Small. The released year of this movie is 1991. We can counted many actors in this movie torrents, such as Wayne Crawford, Martin Hewitt, Susan Byun, Mel Castelo, James Hong, Ted Le Plat, Paul Easton, Michael Morrison, Dixie Sei, Frank Notaro, Llewellyn Linden, Craig Mai, Gavin Hong, Hilton Cheong, Ann Changfoot. Movie' genres are Action. The rating is 4.6 in This is really a good movie to watch. The runtime of this movie are awesome, about 96 minutes. NickDan is good uploader, he is very hard-working. You should spend more time to watch this movie. If we must use one word to describe about this movies torrent, I think it should be 'Awesome', so what is your opinion. Do you know what are customers? ChimTo is the best. I don't fight my Galaxy screen. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

The action takes us from the streets of Los Angeles to the back alleys of Hong Kong in this buddy movie. Two ex-cops find themselves alone in their fight against the largest crime syndicate in the world - the Crime Lords

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Users reviews

Bradley H (gb)

ooray for Dorff!. But better. and Bono. with a talking cat. It's like a love story. This movie pwns

Brandon D (ag)

But you've been warned. Really good. A thinking movie, deep, theological, philisophical, deeply disturbing, strog imagery

Diganta B (es)

??? ???????, ?????????? ?? ????? ??? ???? ?????? ??????? ???????? ????? ????????!

Dominic S (it)

Cute little independent theatre camp film

Drew R (jp)

Realistic ending didn't leave me feeling I'd wasted my time. Considering this was basically my life last year (losing girl and job at same time) I know what it's like to hit that bottom. Moving performances from the primary cast and further proof after Stranger than Fiction that Ferrell can be a great dramatic actor

Harry W (es)

But despite the efforts of Kirsten Dunst and the stylish direction of Richard Loncraine, Wimbledon fails to transcend its generic roots and falls into being a formulaic and predictable film of both the sports and romantic comedy genre which is easy to forget. Sam Neill's small amount of screen time is good as well, although from a dramatic standpoint. So although Wimbledon doesn't know how to capitalise on him, somebody was at least smart enough to cast him in the film to make it less laugh-free. Jon Favreu really doesn't get enough screen time in Wimbledon which is a shame because he is a naturally funny man and his brief appearance benefits from his natural charisma. Kirsten Dunst manages to transition into an adult role very well in Wimbledon because she tackles the material very maturely and lets her comedic charm take over so that her performance is both a real and appealing one where she shows off how good she is in comedy and drama material, and her chemistry with Paul Bettany is very appealing. She manages to make Wimbledon a more compelling film than it needed to be or even deserved to be simply because it is difficult for audiences not to get sucked into her graceful friendly charm just as Paul Bettany's character Peter Colt does. Like in Bring it On, Kirsten Dunst reveals her natural talent for comedic charisma which she brings out again in Wimbledon, and so of all the cast members in the film she is the main source of the successful humour. She is a very attractive woman, but she transcends that with her ability to work her way into the comedic roots of the material well. Kirsten Dunst's natural charm makes her an appealing lead in Wimbledon. But the standout cast member is surely Kirsten Dunst. Paul Bettany manages to take on the lead role in Wimbledone with ambition and dedication which is more than I have come to expect from generic films like this, so his talent manages to transcend the actual quality of the film as a whole. He works the lead role with ease from a dramatic standpoint and even has his own comedic moments from time to time. It is easy to see that Peter Colt truly wants to win the Wimbledon cup, and you can tell that Paul Bettany is really thinking like a man in the situation would be. While his character is a somewhat generic one, he transcends the usual male protagonist from a lot of lesser quality romantic comedies by actually putting ambition into his character. The lead performance of Paul Bettany is a fairly decent one. And although the material is fairly generic, the cast to manage to bring out the best in and at least allow some life to come into Wimbledon. The cinematography captures everything well, all of the scenery and attractive cast members. And at other times it moves gently to keep the dramatic mood of the film active. The camera eye follows the movement of the ball very well and makes the sporting aspect of the film depicted well from a visual perspective, and it is edited very well too. They cinematography in Wimbledon is skilfully shot, particularly during the tennis match sequences. Although, Wimbledon does have a certain visual appeal to it. It had the appropriate musical score to enhance it, but it didn't have the right material to be successful or all that funny so the effect of the film was an emotionally distant and ineffective romantic comedy which had some slight comedic moments but nothing that continuous entertainment was able to consist of. I wasn't too surprised with the quality of Wimbledon because it didn't defy my expectations, but I was just disappointed that the effect of the film was so weak. It wasn't a cringe-worthy film and its lighthearted and laid back atmosphere made it easy to watch, but it was the same basic thing from every sports film with a basic romantic story, and it simply didn't make me laugh enough or give me any surprises. While there is occasionally a laugh or two to be had at some of the humourous things that the characters are saying, there was no consistency with the success of the film and so it was at best a sporadically funny film which was built on formulaic roots and never managed to transcend them. There aren't really any strong comedic moments in the film. And since the film has a mere 94 minute running time, this is problematic. The plot in Wimbledon is easily predictable, and so the entire experience is merely a dull one because during the 94 minute running time there was really insufficient entertainment material which rendered the film feeling like it ran for a lot longer than it actually did. I really didn't enjoy Wimbledon for the exact reason I expected, and so it certainly isn't a film that can supply any surprises or much originality. And although I found that Wimbledon did have its moments which were somewhat funny and charming, overall it was a rudimentary and formulaic film which balanced both genres well but took generic routes through them. And since the romantic comedy genre is arguably one of my least favourite kinds since movies of the kinds tend to follow the same predictable path, Wimbledon certainly needed to do a lot to appeal to me although the chance wasn't too likely. Since watching Tennis isn't my favourite sport as I prefer to watch more hands on games, Wimbledon doesn't exactly capture my entertainment from a sporting perspective. Admittedly, it isn't my kind of film. But it certainly wasn't the generic romantic comedy that I was expecting it to be. Wimbledon isn't exactly the best film, nor is it my usual kind of film. But considering that Kirsten Dunst took on the lead role, it sounded like it was worth checking out. I am a person rarely pleased with basic romantic comedies, so Wimbledon wasn't a film I had high expectations for

Mark D (es)

For me, the dude is obviously gay. Decent flick which gives you plenty of psycholanalytic thought to process in which by the end can give you several meanings