Crime of Innocence

Crime of Innocence

A family seeks justice after a girl is assaulted in prison and the law does nothing to protect her.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   prison,   judge,  

Two teenage girls are locked up for a minor offense by a harsh judge who thinks a night in jail will do them good. It's a traumatizing experience that includes an assault. Afterwards, one ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juli N (it) wrote: Gorehounds will be extremely disappointed!

Jason B (ag) wrote: This being an older film still has a way of keeping you guessing with a twist you won't see coming!!!!!!

Mayank A (nl) wrote: Loved it, initially was skeptical about the movie with two oldies as the lead but 20 minutes in and I was hooked. Great acting and superb direction but the best part is the crazy story which is about a lady having Alzheimer and shifting to care centre while her husband wants her to stay home. There are layers and layers of emotions which are very complex to comprehend. At the end was not sure what to make of it - Wonder.

WS W (au) wrote: Looks decent & substantial even though I don't understand a single word without subtitle.

Kelly B (nl) wrote: A beautiful film set in Cuba about love, sexuality, friendship and politics.

Michelle A (ru) wrote: it's so bad that it's good. this needs to exist on dvd or blu-ray.

mair c (de) wrote: One that demands your attention to appreciate it fully.

Shawn W (gb) wrote: One of the better Stephen King adaptations. A government agency attempts to harness the powers of a child who can start fires through thought for potential use as a weapon. Surprised the agency still had volunteers to deal with the child after the fates of most of the first ones. Barrymore was a heck of a child actor. Baffles me why David Keith fell off the map as an actor.

Al H (mx) wrote: Nothing like a good horror/revenge movie.

Alex r (au) wrote: William Girdler's Day of the Animals is an average nature gone wild horror film that is entertaining, but is far from the best in the genre. The reason that it suffers is that the acting here is fairly bland and at times ridiculous. With that being said, I think more effort could have been put into the acting, while the plot is quite good and is really what keeps you interested in the film. Girdler's direction is good, and his sense of visuals is quite tense as you see the wildlife go crazy on the campers. This is a worthy addition to the genre, and it is a well crafted film despite its imperfections. The film does manage to be quite intense despite its lack of effective performances. I thought that it added a bit more to the enjoyment of the film due to the fact that you simply didn't care what happened to the characters, which were unlikeable. William Girdler was able to make a good horror film with Day of the Animals, though the acting suffers, the plot is what keeps you involved from the first frame onwards. This is a must see for obscured cult film fans. Even if this isn't his best piece of work, Day of the Animals showcases Girdler's talents as a talented horror director. That would materialize in his future project, Grizzly, which is in my opinion his best movie. If you enjoyed Grizzly, then you're most likely going to enjoy this fine low budget nature gone wild horror yarn. This is an underrated film that deserves to be rediscovered by genre fans due to the fact that it does provide genuine chills and intense, thrilling moments.

Cody C (mx) wrote: I don't think I like 60's westerns. I don't like the look and the production values and vibe and stuff.

Samuel L (gb) wrote: Corrupt Washington DC making sure that Americans remain blindfolded to today's fleecing of America, and the sheeple who swoon over our communistic president and his cronies.

Stuart K (fr) wrote: Directed by J. Lee Thompson (Ice Cold In Alex (1958), The Guns of Navarone (1961) and Cape Fear (1962)), this was an adaptation of Nikolai Gogol's 1832 short novel. Filmed around the world with a big cast, it was marketed as the next Spartacus. It has dated a bit, and there is a lot of overacting on display, but Thompson manages to stage some brilliant action sequences in the film, even if they're not kind to animals. The Turks and the Poles have been fighting in Eastern Europe, but the Cossacks, led by Taras Bulba (Yul Brynner) comes in to help the Poles, only for the Pole's to double cross the Cossacks, with the Pole's becoming the leads of Ukraine. Bulba returns to his family home to start a family with his wife Sofia (Ilka Windish), and he raises two sons. Andrei (Tony Curtis) and Ostap (Perry Lopez). Andrei and Ostap go to Kiev to get an education, but after Andrei romances Polish Princess Natalia Dubrov (Christine Kaufmann), he and Ostap are hounded out of town, back home. The sons and Taras plan to lead the Cossacks to fight back against the Poles. It is a bit overblown, but there is some well staged action sequences in the film, but it wasn't easy, filmed in the northern wilderness of Argentina, and the film's post-production was rushed. But despite that, it's entertaining and watchable for the most part.

Julia S (ca) wrote: This movie changed the way I look at the world