Crimen perfecto

Crimen perfecto


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Crimen perfecto torrent reviews

Christopher T (fr) wrote: Tyler Perry never disappoints.

Rodney W (fr) wrote: Hardly a horror film. More a torture-tinged drama, but still a quality film with a rewardingly dark ending.

Colleen B (mx) wrote: This movie kicked some serious ass!

Brian B (br) wrote: Excellent job by Ice-T.

Anne F (fr) wrote: Deeply disturbing film that I find impossible to rate.

Mike K (fr) wrote: Unfunny and unrealistic movie. Really one of the few of the 80's. C

Stephen E (it) wrote: "Blue Collar" proves yet again that Paul Schrader is one of the greatest, most underrated film makers out there; a man whose films are so consistently overlooked that it seems almost intentional. "Blue Collar" is the result of Schrader's excellence in writing and directing, and the performances that he musters from actors Keitel, Pryor and Kotto do his script a whole lot of justice. His film isn't as much a lesson in how to break free of the chains that blue collar workers find themselves in as much as it is a study in what living in those chains is like. It's tense and honest American film making, and it strikes a chord.

Victoria W (mx) wrote: So, movies like this are the reason everything starring Bette Davis is considered a chick flick... wild, passionate, fantastic, that's Bette for you, though it's definitely not her best performance (hell, it's not even her best performance from 1942) Olivia de Havilland was also lovely and, as usual, very lady-like... Hattie McDaniel, in a one-scene long performance, shines in the movie.

Kyle M (ag) wrote: When police officers are rolling their eyes and making fun of an anti-drug film, you know it's a classic for all the wrong (right) reasons.