Crimes at the Dark House

Crimes at the Dark House

A madman kills a man who has just inherited a large estate, then impersonates his victim to gain entrance to the estate so he can murder his enemies.

A madman kills a man who has just inherited a large estate, then impersonates his victim to gain entrance to the estate so he can murder his enemies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh P (au) wrote: A refreshingly original and scary story which does a great job at entertaining on a budget. Ron Perlman is great in this and it was a treat to see him here! The movie will have you choosing sides: either siding with the oil company or against. And the cg is very good and adds to the creepiness factor. Very original!

Harry W (kr) wrote: Spike Jonze just seems to excel as showing us gorgeous things, really sweet and beautiful little parcels of stories and Her is just another example. At times it borders on terrifyingly awkward and attempts to pose a desperately hopeless romantic story that is at times frightening and intimate. It's such a clever film, the only reason why it doesn't have five stars is that I felt the film was a bit overlong and seemed to drag a bit towards the end and whilst I was still gripped (more or less) I did start feeling slightly bored as the film's dreamy pace can become a tad monotonous and depressing towards the end. Joaquin Phoenix gives a fantastically mature stand out performance, probably the best acting I've seen from him in a long time and Scarlett Johansson's voice work is great as it was in the Jungle Book also. Weirdly enough, a strong supporting performance comes from Olivia Wilde who has about 15 minutes of screen time but manages to really shine in that time.

Mike S (ca) wrote: As a kid I used to fantasize about how awesome it would be if Asterix and Obelix, the unconquerable Gallic super duo, sprung out of the comic-books and magically came to life. The thought, naively enough, was exhilarating. A half-assed first screen adaptation and three imbecile sequels later, however, I now ruefully proclaim: be careful what you wish for. Founded upon the 1966 original comic by Ren Goscinny, the quest this time is set for the island of Britannia, in response to an emergency call from the British queen Cordelia, who stands at the threat of a Roman invasion. In parallel to this we are presumed to be engaged by the companions' love troubles, respectively bromance disputes. More taxing than actual fun. As customary to the series, thunder-punches and uppercuts are dealt left and right. Naturally, since they're visiting England, there's the obligatory mockery of the dry British reservedness. As if entertainment value where yet derivable thereof, all these umpteenth ridicules later.Aimed for a younger audience does in my view not excuse the plastic production design and a plethora of jumbly sidetracks. Furthermore, it's far too long with a running time of nearly two hours. But sure, if intelligence-bereft slapstick happens to be your cup of tea, then by all means slurp it up and enjoy. If you have kids of the middle school age they will likely be in for some scattered laughs. For us more choosy adults, however, this painfully drawn-out family farce (thereto the badly synced dubbing) becomes a precarious kidney stone to suffer. Or if Caesar himself could say it: I came, I saw, I breathed a sigh of extended apathy!

Eric M (kr) wrote: Awesome demonstration of the movie, and would love to get my hands on the soundtrack. super tunes

Katie L (ru) wrote: tense, slightly uncomfortable but damian lewis is brilliant as always

Steve D (fr) wrote: I fell asleep watching this as a kid. I was very board and I like this kind of thing

Michael C (nl) wrote: Sad beginning, sad ending...bunch of stuff in the middle! Not bad.

Nate T (au) wrote: Yet another war film for Frank. This was his sole theatrical directorial effort.

Chris N (fr) wrote: It's consistently funny from start to finish, perfectly paced, and has some truly great work from Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve, Krysten Ritter, Nate Torrence and a scene-stealing, awesome performance from T.J. Miller. However almost every scene featuring Lindsay Sloane left a really bad taste in my mouth and made me cringe so much. She sucks. But still, this is a surprisingly hilarious and heartfelt comedy with believable characters and a lack of cliches.

Bob M (ca) wrote: One of the best TNG films

Carlos R (ag) wrote: I am probably the only one who really loves this movie. Sure, it is very formulaic and conventional, but all of the mythology and the origins is very interesting.

Garrett C (gb) wrote: This movie was absolutely incredible. I had known the story previously, but nothing could possibly compare to the well-scripted, well-cast, and well-directed cinematic masterpiece that is The Stanford Prison Experiment.