Crimes of the Future

Crimes of the Future

Crimes of the Future is set in a future where sexually mature women appear to have been obliterated by a plague produced by the use of cosmetics. It details the wanderings of Adrian Tripod director of the dermatological clinic the House of Skin. Tripod seems at a loss following the disappearance of his mentor Antoine Rouge.

Crimes of the Future details the wanderings of Tripod (Mlodzik), sometime director of a dermatological clinic called the House of Skin, who is searching for his mentor, the mad ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg R (jp) wrote: Inspirational but a bit preplanned

Robin N (ca) wrote: Another good low budget film with a decent story (to sum it up in one line). Boring in the start picks up the trail with Rajat Kapoor acting like a living negotiable instrument. It shows the views of Rural India towards Amrika. a nice 2 hr. watch.

Brian S (ru) wrote: In a world of engineers, it's up to the privatized police to stop those who have been genetically modified. Meanwhile, our protagonist is out to avenge her father. I'm a big fan of Machine Girl and a few other Splatter films and this was a film that I have put off for a long time. It's fetish, it's gore, and it has a very Grindhouse feel to it. I loved the scenes at the club with a lot of out of the box latex by Japanese designer Kurage, and the whole Crocodile mouth scene there. It does lag a little bit in the overall beginning of the film under a bit too much exposition, but when it wants to ramp up the ridiculous factor, it really goes for it and Tokyo Gore Police was a very fun film. grade: C+

Phi L (jp) wrote: It may hit close to home, but it is grimy and effective.... and sometimes unintentionally funny

Tatsuhito K (br) wrote: The reason why this silly comedy film works is because Jim Carrey is so charming and likable as Ace Ventura, and even when nothing makes any sense and it goes all over the place, you just go with him because he is so damn funny. "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" made me laugh quite a bit.

Michael H (us) wrote: Wow, this was actually pretty great. It has a very odd atmosphere and the burning scene is cold and shocking. A cult classic.

Sean D (ag) wrote: It was okay. Not very long. Very simple plot, nothing too special. It's interesting to watch a film about Mars and what people thought about it back then and then compare it to our current vision of Mars and soon to be future inhabitation within the next 20 years.