Crimes of the Past

Crimes of the Past

After Tommy Sparrow is severely wounded in a covert CIA operation, he comes home to discover his wife with another man. Tommy’s rage and wounds frighten his seven-year-old daughter Josephine. When Tommy’s wife tells him to leave and never come home, Tommy disappears back into the CIA, employing his skills as a spy to covertly watch his only daughter grow up.Twenty-five years later, Tommy Sparrow finally comes in from the cold – to retirement. Josephine is battling her own destructive nature and the damage done by the disappearance of her father. Tommy carries his scars both inside and out – and while his cold war operations never seem far behind, Tommy’s journey home will surpass any mission he ran with the Agency – because reuniting with Josephine and becoming her father may cost him his life.

CIA agent Tommy Sparrow is forced into retirement by an injury - and makes it his final mission to win back the love of the daughter he walked out on years ago. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brett B (us) wrote: Hard hitting documentary on a popular young lady who was found dead in her flat 2 years after she had died. Absolutely riveting as it is frustrating. Everyone seems shocked at what became of her, yet crucial issues or questions weren't answered, such as her relationship with her family. The anonymous abusive ex or why she would stay with an ex boyfriend for 6 months and he never asked what she did for work. Bizarre, but mostly terribly sad at how someone can just all out people's minds.

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Gary J (es) wrote: This movie got panned but there was something kind of charming about it, mostly from the character played by Natasha Richardson.

Christopher P (br) wrote: more like a barthesian cinematic thesis than a film.

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Janetta B (ag) wrote: Another Blast From the Past...Best comedic duo, EVER....

Jeremy S (mx) wrote: Ok this was a bomb compared to Foul Play it's ok just nothing great.

Nickolas I (de) wrote: It's bad, but it's not godawful. It's just forgettable, save for what has got to be the most stupid character death in film history.

Alnissa S (br) wrote: Trailer better than movie

Brad S (au) wrote: - I've seen this several times now and watched as recently as 2 years ago, but I like it. Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams are great as the parents and they ground it. Will Sampson adds some comic relief, and just a great on-camera presence. Julian Beck just scares the crap of me as Kane, he did when i was a kid, and he still does. Excellent sequel!- I watched this several times when I was younger and always liked it. The actor playing "Kane" is one of the all-time creepiest characters in my opinion. I really like Will Sampson as the Indian protector "Taylor" in this, he's quite good in this, as he was in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". Check it out!

Jack H (mx) wrote: Should be rated as one of Sidneys best films.