Fed up of his business partner, Ernest Trend hires the services of two exterminators. When things go drastically wrong and they murder the wrong man, the race is on to frame an innocent video surveillance man.

A pair of whacked-out cartoon-like exterminator/hitmen kill the owner of a burglar-alarm company, and stalk the partner who hired them, his wife, and a nerd framed for the murder, who tells the story in flashback from the electric chair. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Crimewave torrent reviews

Douglas M (au) wrote: If you love Star Trek, and I do, then you will not want to miss this touching tribute and remembrance of Lenard Nimoy.

Liberty K (au) wrote: I am a big fan of Shane,and this movie is amazing and halarious,the best part is that I showed it to my cousin who doesn't really know who Shane is and she LOVED it,The cast is perfect and the directing is outstanding,all in all I love the movie and so do my friends and family. :)

Wrik S (es) wrote: If there is anything this movie suffered from, was the pace at which the script went from one part of the story to another.. Consistency in speed is of utmost importance.. Acting didn't need anymore perfection with the stars already involved..

Alnissa S (kr) wrote: Love and Forgiveness That's what Christianity means to me. And that's what this movie was about.

Riley O (it) wrote: A disaster. It was unfortunate to see this downfall unfold. The action is very limited, Rudakova could have been left out and not missed at all and the plot was boring.

Tyler S (ca) wrote: Loved this movie as a kid.I had many memories from this film that placed the biggest action star in the role of a kindergarten teacher.Arnold played a cop going undercover as a teacher, and the results are fun as hell.It was funny watching a guy we were used to blowing things up, and hunting predators, teach little kids.It also morphs into a good little crime story with a very solid ending.