Crimi Clowns: De Movie

Crimi Clowns: De Movie

Not so long ago, Ronny Tersago and his gang where at the top of the Flemish showbiz as Clown Norry and Co.. Their heyday are over. Nowadays they are working overtime at night as burglars. Ronny's son Wesley was kicked out of the Amsterdam film school, filming their passionate performances and crimes, their nocturnal excesses and turbulent private life. It seemed it was going downhillwith for the gang when suddenly they hit hte jackpot. And then the problems really start..

Not so long ago Ronny aka Clowns Norry and his crew were at the top of showbiz. Until he made a mistake that made headlines in the tabloids. Since then he has to struggle with a heap of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott J (us) wrote: Fictionalizing real life crimes is always fun. Especially when you do really melodramatically. And this is so overly noir it could almost be justified being called a Sin City sequel.

Daniel M (ru) wrote: Awesome Idea but i wanted to see more.


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