Criminal Activities

Pic is about four young guys who reunite at an ex-classmate's funeral

Things go from bad to worse: one of them borrowed his share of the money from a mobster. Unfortunately, the deal goes south along with their investment. One mentions to the others inside information on a stock that is a guaranteed lock to make them instant millionaires. Pic is about four young guys who reunite at an ex-classmate's funeral

Criminal Activities is a movies torrent of Alexa. This movie was introduced in 2015. There are many actors in this movie torrents, for example John Travolta, Dan Stevens, Michael Pitt, Jackie Earle Haley. There are many categories, such as Crime, Drama, Thriller. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 5.8 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movies torrent. Share with your friends and watch this movie together

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Users reviews

Alex K (gb)

My Favorite Action Film Is 1988's Die Hard

Alex r (de)

Decent, and it could have been much better, but as far as Straight to DVD films are concerned, this is much better than most. The material for a great follow-up is here, but it focuses more on the fact that it's a low-budget, straight to DVD film that the filmmakers seem to not give the chance of a good story to be told. Fans may be disappointed with this one, and with good reason. This is one worth seeing at least once just to kill an hour and a half of your time if you have nothing else better to do. Decent, but ultimately forgettable in the long run, Smokin' Aces 2 is a film that relied on an interesting undeveloped concept. This one had potential of being something very good and if the script would never have been rushed, and it feels like it has, this one could have been just as much fun as the original. The film is a decent on e at best and there are a few effective moments to please action buffs, but overall, this is a forgettable sequel to a good film. As it is, Smokin' Aces didn't need a sequel and it's a low-budget affair that never does take off. As far as I'm concerned, the film would have been much better if the film would have had a few rewrites and it would have been under a different title. At times, there's still elements of sharp, witty overtones from the first that comes out over in this sequel. The idea is good, but it lacks the fun and intensity of the first Smokin' Aces, which was not a perfect film, but managed to overcome its flaws with a good cast, effective dialogue and well developed characters. Straight to DVD sequel is a pretty decent film with nothing ever remarkable that happens on-screen

Brian S (kr)

ecommended !!. One of the best movies ever made. That's something that I liked, is the dark humor in this flick, along side with good old fashioned Quentin Tarantino gore. Jackson, who's terrific, and even funny. It's a great, well developed and intriguing story, which is enriched with many famous actors, but the best are really Ving Rhames, John Travolta and the great Samuel L. Another of Tarantino's epic crime movies, but this one really is the most classic out of all of his great movies

Debbie P (ag)

This was a good movie and I loved the chemistry between these two stars. All goes wrong for Grant's character as he becomes involved in illegal activities. He attempts to reform himself in helping his mom with her business and look after her. He returns home to discover that his mother is dying of cancer. The film takes place in London, and also stars Cary Grant as Barrymore's drifter son. Her film "None But The Lonely Heart" was the first movie shown that night. TMC recently featured an "Ethel Barrymore" evening

John H (br)

) But even if the script (and the songs) are subpar, it's still pure Bluth - completely original and unexpectedly haunting. (There's a reason this movie coined the term "Big Lipped Alligator Moment". But its a weaker entry; it lacks the emotional resonance of his other '80s work, and Bluth's typically eccentric excesses break jarringly from the film's reality this time. Don Bluth is one of the unsung masters of animation, and if anything, ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN is as strange and gorgeous as anything else in his career

Justin R (ca)

Nice early Louis Malle flick

May A (au)

Or maybe they're too serious for their own good. I cannot tell you how many great movies the posters here low ball. This makes me realize that rotten tomatoes needs a more balanced audience to comment. Seriously this movie was hilarious. Okay, it was a little corny but the last time I laughed this much at a movie was when I watched Tommy Boy

Nick E (it)

Cadillac Man can be funny at times thanks mostly in part by Robin Williams, but suffers from a unfocused pace

Private U (de)

Good for a casual movie. I think they could have developed this movie better, but I enjoyed the acting, storyline, and the graphics (for the most part)

rolo d (mx)

a shot of shotgun inside a vagina! you have to watch it!