Crimson Tide

Crimson Tide

When some Russian rebels takes control of some ICBM's, the Americans mobilize. Among the vessels sent is the nuclear sub, the Alabama. But before they leave they need a new X.O. and among the choices is Commander Hunter, who hasn't seen much action. But the ship's Captain, Ramsey OK's him. While on the way, there was an incident and Hunter disagreed with how Ramsey handled it, it's evident that Ramsey doesn't think much of Hunter because Hunter was college educated while Ramsey worked his way up. They're given orders to attack but when they were in the process of receiving another order, the ship's communications were damaged, so the entire message was not received. Ramsey decides to continue with their previous order while Hunter wants to reestablish contact first. That's when the two men butt heads that ends with Hunter relieving Ramsey. Later when some men die, some of the officers feel that Hunter is not up to the task so they team up to retake control. But Hunter has taken ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Alex H (au) wrote: It doesn't get much darker than this.

Minna S (gb) wrote: Emotional and touching stories from different sorts of saunas around Finland. They're bit too alike but otherwise not much to complain about.

Sharon A (ru) wrote: I really liked this film, very cute, and quite amusing

Richard J (de) wrote: I love this movie ,Brandon,s not doing the wilder thing I have seen in other movies .

Joe P (gb) wrote: WOW! this movie was weird....that Roman guy is one sick fuck killing his neighbor (the chick from veronica mars) and keeping her iced down in his bath tub... what the fuck? that creeps even me out!!!!!

Michel G (us) wrote: A good movie that was told from the point of view of the german woman of WWII . Blends old and new well. Maria Schrader is a wonderful actress . I just wish she wasn't pigeonholed into Holocaust films.

John A (fr) wrote: The strength of this film lies in its writing and the performance of Alan Arkin. The visual sensibility is rather ho-hum, on the order of a filmed play. Also, the characters seem disconnected from their contexts--the emphasis on close-ups makes them more like talking heads than living, breathing human beings. However, the writing is strong, if a bit overdone, as characters reflect on the accessibility (or not) of happiness, ending with a poignant, hopeful, and wordless ending.

Danny R (kr) wrote: John Carpenter's compelling horror film about an evil murderous car which is based upon the best selling novel by horror genre master Stephen King. Keith Gordon excels as the shy, nerdish teenage named Arnie Cunningham, who buys a used red 1958 Plymouth Fury; which is a malevolent car with a long history of death behind it. The car which is named Christine will slowly transform Arnie personality completely because of its evil domination of him, it will turn him into a tough, no-nonsense rough-neck with a cocky arrogance that seeks deadly revenge on all the bullies that have tormented him for years, and one by one the bullies will meet gruesome deaths from the merciless Christine. Fine direction by John Carpenter, with superb supporting performances by John Stockwell, Alexandra Paul, the late Robert Blossom, Harry Dean Stanton, and the late Robert Prosky. A slick creepy and highly watchable revenge horror film. Highly Recommended.

C H (de) wrote: Buuel mostra, mais uma vez, sua simpatia pelo proletariado. Um filme bonitinho de histria criativa.

Angie L (kr) wrote: A powerful movie that deserves so much more attention than it is getting in the media and theaters. It provides so much history behind the discovery of the BRCA mutation and also the journey of Annie Parker. There was a physician panel after the movie where we could ask questions about hereditary cancers. It was an amazing evening.

Vincent P (it) wrote: Moral of the story: don't ever redecorate your house. Ever.

Ethan B (ca) wrote: Maybe growing up on National Lampoon's Vacation would have helped my appreciation, but the humor is dated and the laughs are few and far between.Not to say that there aren't any--and the ones that are present are actually quite funny--but when a film decides to be an irreverent comedy, you expect it to be fairly consistent. Many scenes that are meant to be funny aren't even the ones that I laughed at the hardest. Some of the funniest bits are when Chevy Chase is just being Chevy Chase. Like having a prophetic conversation with his son (Anthony Michael Hall) as his glasses are subtly falling off of his face. Or denying his family from visiting the Gateway Arch in St. Louis--rather, going to places like the world's 2nd largest ball of twine insteadThere are some clever scenes, but in an early-John-Hughes fashion, they appear underdeveloped and disconnected from each other much of the time. It's a compilation of instances, rather than a story.The film is about the Griswold family driving from Chicago to Los Angeles to visit a sendup version of Disneyland, called Walley World. On the way, they experience Murphy's Law firsthand, as just about everything on the trip goes haywire. Chevy Chase plays Clark Griswold--the enthusiastic patriarch whose idea it is to drive to California rather than take an airplane. Watching the movie, I was never bored, but also not really invested in the characters or in anything that was happening. The film isn't bad by any means when compared to other comedies. It's just average. A few memorable scenes, but the rest are throwaways. That is, unless you're nostalgic about the film--then you can probably recite the lines in their entirety. I can appreciate its impact and place in popular culture. It's just that having not grown up with the movie, it's hard to see past what I'm actually watching.Twizard Rating: 71

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