Crimson Winter

Crimson Winter

Humans massacred their race, wrote them out of history, and pushed them into myth... Now in the midst of a Vampire civil war, an exiled Vampire prince has escaped into the mountains of the new America, building a hidden army for revenge against his family. Years later, in the dead of winter, a group of grad students start their research on the disappearance of wildlife in those very mountains. When they come close to the truth, they begin the fight for their own survival. As the fight escalates, the Vampire prince descends upon the conflict. He is forced to visit his dark past as the fates of the student's are decided.

The story takes place on a film set in a Vampire civil war. An Vampire prince has to find the way to escape for survival and build a hidden army for revenge against his family.Years later, He confronts a group of students which makes change his fate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Geoff S (kr) wrote: Finally watched this and glad I did, crazy wholesome gorefest, just what the doctor ordered...

victor l (gb) wrote: Les Choristes was an amazing movie and I watched this one thinking it would be as good as the other. Unfortunately, it wasn't. The movie is not interesting at all, none of the characters is charming, the whole story is boring as hell. The nicest thing I can say about Paris 36 is its excellent manufacture: Good songs, good cinematography, good art direction, good lighting with some mistakes, good sound, etc.


Gordon A (it) wrote: Extraordinary access to the documentary subjects allows a frightening world to come to life.

Will S (kr) wrote: An insult to basketball and movies -_-

Edgar C (kr) wrote: Unlike Makavejev's female liberation manifesto Montenegro (1981), Haynes makes a strong statement in favor of the less fortunate and most misunderstood. Yet, I feel bold enough to argue that the least thing Safe is, is an ecological commentary against pollution and chemically intolerant people. It's a slowly absorbing feature about an apocalyptic collapse that mankind is pursuing with its current structure. The hous... homemaker is the typical symbol for this. This ain't no Poison (1991) and homosexuality is out of the formula for now, yet it is modern American film direction like it is no longer done.97/100

Corey P (ca) wrote: This movie relates to me in the fact that I'm sort of handicapped and a freak to most people.

James W (fr) wrote: The least of the Three Colors Trilogy, but still head and shoulders above most modern films in terms of simply being interesting to watch.

Paul D (mx) wrote: It's a little bit John Carpenter in style, and more so in its music, but generally it's just a lot of people dying throughout without a huge amount of storyline in between.

Dan M (ca) wrote: A barely PG-13 Craig Robinson movie just isn't anywhere near as funny as a hard R one(like in This Is the End). Even Kerry Washington in a naughty schoolgirl uniform can't make up for the unfunny jokes and washed out Meet the Parents plot. FAIL

Kevin C (us) wrote: Game changer in a comedy movie and Franco at his best while seth behind the camera fantastic absolutely loved the movie.