A small-town piano teacher is shocked by the arrival of her foster daughter's real mother, whose young lover soon follows and causes further disruption. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Crisis torrent reviews

Eric T (br) wrote: While this movie is good, I feel like there were some moments that just didn't fit well to it.

Gavin W (au) wrote: Good British comedy.

Tony N (us) wrote: Dont waste anymore of your life. See this film, men only girls wont laugh, this is by far the funniest film of the American Pie, Road Trip genre!! You'll work it out but will have pissed yourslef by then anyways!! Mark my words boys!!

Brittany B (it) wrote: This movie wasn't very popular, but I think it's hilarious! And a cult fav for me. I watch it over and over again.

John D (br) wrote: Absolutely no tension. Ooh, the scary music's playing so the killer must be inside the house. Nope! It's just the goofy neighbor. Oooh, I heard a sound outside so it must be the killer. Gotcha! It's just the cat. Hmmm, I wonder who the killer could be, the nerdy outcast? The creepy stalker dude? The older pervert neighbor? It could never be that nice guy that the girls met at the beginning of the movie who hasn't show up since, could it? Never.

Marylew B (mx) wrote: Michael J Fox way back. Dumb but funny. Classic!

Will B (jp) wrote: Likely the most forgettable movie in Disney history

Lauren S (es) wrote: Just as bad as I thought it would be. A piss poor story, CGI overload, butchering of Egyptian mythology, and SO MANY WHITE PEOPLE.

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