Crna Marija

Crna Marija

After the death of their sponsor, rock band Zenit falls into a crisis. Thay need to make new arrangments of old songs in only 6 days. There comes to disagreement between band members because of different opinions.

Drama. A famous rock-group gets in creative and financial crisis after the death of their leader, and only a new top-ten record can bring them back... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle P (mx) wrote: So very realistic. A movie with great performances that is actually pretty funny and has great poetic moments. "Not a love story" told through the perspective of a guy who falls into love and the roller coaster of emotion because of it. Recommended for most ages 91% 9/10

STARR (au) wrote: Best Movie ever!!!!!!

Ryan F (ru) wrote: made absolutely no sense to me

Adam R (fr) wrote: (First viewing - Late childhood)

mike a (es) wrote: Such a gap between the critics and the public...Perhaps on this occasional a section of the public could not disentangle themselves from the subject matter and look objectively at the film. I saw this movie 5 times at the cinema. It was decades ahead of its time ( strange for a period drama )and dealt with a difficult topic in an engaging and touching manner. If you feel sorry for Clive's wife at the end of the film then you have understood the films intention. She was the unwilling victim of circumstance. The other three protagonists got the resolution they willingly chose ( although Clive clearly regrets ) As with all Merchant Ivory productions the settings and costumes were breathtaking. It is like going back in time. The film remains in my dvd collection and comes out whenever I need cheering up on a cold rainy day.

Brian H (ag) wrote: Love this film! It was filmed in Pittsburgh, lots of shots from my old neighborhood on the Northside. I miss da'burgh Extremely silly and very funny with it. Matinee idol Hamilton gamely spoofing his own image as a suave Count Dracula stranded in disco-era New York. Always brings a smile to my face. You won't be able to get all in-jokes if you haven't seen the original Bela Lugosi version of Dracula (1931) before ...Absolutely hilarious! ^.^

holly r (jp) wrote: Is it murder or suicide to kill yourself in another universe and combine yourselves into one? Very interesting movie idea just not played out as well as it could have been.