Crni Gruja i kamen mudrosti

Crni Gruja i kamen mudrosti

Based on a comedy TV series about Serbian "aristocracy" during the Turkish "answer" to the Serbian Uprising during the Serbian-Turkish war in the 19th century. During this time it was of ...

Based on a comedy TV series about Serbian "aristocracy" during the Turkish "answer" to the Serbian Uprising during the Serbian-Turkish war in the 19th century. During this time it was of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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carole s (ag) wrote: as expected... every barbie movie is always full of good lessons for the children and ofcourse, nice plot... i've alwys looked forward to another barbie movie...

Chris H (au) wrote: Despite its many strengths, I can't quite recommend it. There are elements and moments that are worthwhile, even remarkable, but as a whole it seems always to be searching for its story, unable to latch onto the compelling stories that seem always to be just out of the film's reach.Most crippling is an often vaguely awkward performance from Blanchard as Nina. While she hits many of the emotional cues with sincerity, she seems mostly to be trying to understand Nina rather than feeling comfortable in her skin. Not all blame for this can be handed to Blanchard, though, the script failing to instill Nina with much that would engender sympathy.Those failings are pivotal, making Jose's captivation with her slightly confusing in spite of the understandable psychological reasons.The rest of the characters are more believably, even interestingly written, and all are cast well. Of particular satisfaction are Jose's family, his father most of all.Monteverde's narrative devices, like the, if you will, meta-flash forwards, come across as fresh and intriguing, but his general narrative style isn't as compelling as, say, country-men Irritu or Cuarn.Ultimately, there are things worth seeing here, but not enough to give the whole a lasting impression.

Gio R (es) wrote: Air-bud the dog is cool but... the films is so fucking bad.

IVRt (br) wrote: thank god they eat france... stay the hell away from Italy lol

Devon W (es) wrote: A gory mess of a movie with a few highlights.

His L (kr) wrote: Ok, this is very silly and wacky yet I found myself really liking it! This is a great satire on Swinging 60s London. Lynn Redgrave and Rita Tushingham play two girls from the North of England determined to make it big in swinging London. What follows is a series of crazy situations as the unlikely pair do find fame only to realize it's not really worth it. This film is so kitsch, with songs to match ("I can't sing but I'm young!"). If you love 60s style then your bound to like this, but this is not one to be taken seriously and overall is just a fun piece of nostalgia.

Kevin M (mx) wrote: Decent film noir. It's not all that typical (but, then, the film noir subgenre is so broad that it loses its shape at times). Gene Tierney and Jose Ferrer are especially good as the damsel in distress and the egotistical villain. Definitely a noir flick where the action and wickedness is more psychological than physical.

Vera V (de) wrote: A fitting end to the Thin Man in action. The music was jazzy ...

Jesse O (ca) wrote: Not a half bad movie to be honest. Out of this and Stalled, I'd say that Stalled is slightly better than this one. Though, out of the two, this is definitely the more consistently comedic of the two. It's not a great movie, by any means, it's not even a good one, but I do think the film has a solid enough cast, for a low-budget horror film. Not that the low-budget should mean that the cast isn't good, but you know how it is in horror films. The film doesn't really do anything unique with the zombie genre, it's fairly straightforward and predictable, but it's a perfectly decent little movie with some funny moments. The funniest bit would definitely have to be when Craig and Jerry get into the argument about The Godfather Part III. These motherfuckers have a moral dilemma about what to do with the zombie they took to the cabin, one of their other friends that got infected, and they get into an argument, that ends up physical, about whether or not The Godfather Part III sucked. It was honestly absurd, since I wasn't actually expecting it at all, but I thought it was quite a funny scene. There's also the running gag of one of the characters being naked, or half-naked rather, and zombies and other people ripping off his clothing all the time. It's not great, but it works in small doses. There's not that much in the way of gore, but the movie is definitely elevated by a fun cast. I do think, however, that the film has some definite pacing issues. Like everything with Jerry and Tom before they get to the cabin for the final 'showdown' is a little bit laborious to get through. Craig being stuck in the cabin with Lance is also not that interesting, to me. I mean there's some real funny commercials/TV series they show snippets of for color blindness and a noose for the suicidal, really, that are some of the other comedic highlights of the film. But the movie definitely drags a bit, because I think this is an 80-minute movie stretched out to 90 minutes. It might not seem that bad, but those ten additional minutes absolutely slow the movie down. This movie reminds me of other low-budget zombie films like A Little Bit Zombie and there was another one whose name I cannot remember, but both those films were considerably better than this one, especially the former, which was a really damn fun film to watch. Not what I would call a good movie, but I definitely think that it overachieves. It's got a solid cast and a fun tone to carry it through its flaws. I mean they're still noticeable, and they do end up hurting the final product, but it's not like it kills the movie dead, pardon the pun. With that said, this is a decent movie at best. I wouldn't recommend it, but you can do far, far worse. Worth a watch if you have nothing else to do and have seen next to every horror movie that Netflix has available.

Isaac T (mx) wrote: Cool MMA movie but it had some flaws

Scott C (ca) wrote: You'd think this would be really sexy, but it wasn't.