Crô: O Filme

Crô: O Filme

Tired of the life of a millionaire, Crô decides to find a new muse to be devoted to.

Tired of the life of a millionaire, Crô decides to find a new muse who can devote. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adityo K (nl) wrote: The last episode of Rurouni Kenshin and i find it as always,Japanese film makers are very creative and it's an excellent ending.One of my favorites!

ray h (it) wrote: A 1964 remake of the 1950 Japanese film RASHOMON. I saw this 2 compare it w/ the original film. The movie was shot in black & white. The cinematography looks dated. I thought this movie might have a spaghetti western period look abt it. But, it has much more of stage-play feel to it. The sets are simpler and less visually interesting. All of the actors are very good. Paul Newman, Claire Bloom, and Lawrence Harvey carried the action well. I dont think P Newman ever made a bad performance in a film. The action is limited by the staging. The story is interesting. But, I was not drawn into the action. Watching it seemed more like an archeological enterprise. RASHOMON is a much better movie. It was an OK time w/ the flics.

David S (jp) wrote: One of the finest and most influential movies I have ever seen.

Andrew I (fr) wrote: I gave it half an hour, but it was soooo boring, and then they started singing too... aieieie! And it's a comedy? I remember Wild Strawberries being funnier! If I was 90yrs old, Swedish and it was raining, maybe I'd give it a whirl.

Brad G (ca) wrote: Mix the buddy cop banter of Lethal Weapon with some Vietnam commentary and you've got yourself Off Limits, an enjoyable Military Police procedural that doesn't rock your core with its obvious climax but does deliver an appropriate amount of intrigue. Plus, some seriously fun supporting turns from Keith David (he watches the MOD Squad!), David Allen Grier, Fred Ward, and the kinky Scott Glenn. VF.

Bruce B (es) wrote: Not a bad little film...Miss Shirley Temple was very cute in one of her first starring roles. Worthy of a watch.

Joshua B (de) wrote: it is a great movie still like to watch anytime of the day.

Yuri B (fr) wrote: Sean Connery is the voice of a Dragon (Draco)... nuff said.

John T (au) wrote: The Tomb of Ligeia was one of a cycle of films made by Roger Corman in the 1960s based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe. Vincent Price plays Verden Fell, an English country gentleman of the 1820s has become obsessed with his dead wife Ligeia. She has been buried in a tomb he built for her - believing that she is not dead but has, as she promised she would, survived death in some form and will return to him. This obsession survives Fell's remarriage to Rowena, the daughter of a neighbouring landowner. His obsession worsens, as he comes to believe that Rowena is possessed by Ligeia's spirit. This is an unusual horror film in that much of it takes place not only outdoors but also in daylight. The sort of images of ruin and decay traditional in horror films - a gloomy, crumbling, cobwebbed manor house close to the ruins of a medieval abbey - are contrasted with sunlit scenes of the verdant English countryside. The cast is a very good one as well. Vincent Price turns in his usual fine and morose performance we expect from him. Elizabeth Shepard was equally as good in the dual roles of Ligeia and Rowena, Price's wife who succeeds her. The action drags more and more as the film goes on and the sense of horror and tension dissipates rather than builds as the film progresses. What points this movie gets are due to Roger Corman who gave his films a distinctive look and feel that was perfect for adapting Poe's classics. The familiar Poe themes of the sinister black cat, premature burial and impending family demise are present throughout the film. The Tomb of Ligeia' is hardly classic Poe or a memorable horror film. Among Corman/Price/Poe films, Masque of the Red Death and Fall of the House of Usher were the best. But fans of Corman and the Hammer Films-type of productions will want to see it.