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Cronica torrent reviews

Bilal S (br) wrote: An awesome movie!!! a must watch keeps you entertained till the end and keeps you guessing on the ending. A well plotted movie.

Mark James A (jp) wrote: Its flaws were too much to be campy fun. Almost everything here is bad no matter how original its idea was.

john o (au) wrote: Apart from a few kinda creepy moments, I wasn't scared or intrigued at all. The acting was pretty weak, the story was boring and it just dragged.

Tin L (it) wrote: great story.. very funny twist..

Dennis G (mx) wrote: It's a shame to see a neat original take on werewolves wasted with a sub-par script and bad editing.

Fletcher H (it) wrote: Almost like a cleaner version of Blazing Saddles, but not entirely clean. Very funny but very hard to find.