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Crónica de nueve meses


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Matthew C (es) wrote: Interesting performances and style don't seem to make up for this confused, unsure effort. It's clear that the filmmakers don't understand the technical aspects of their subject, and they assume that the audience fits in the same boat (too much over-explaining). The film is intriguing as a depiction true, fascinating events (though its historicity does come into question at times), but it needs to push harder with its visual styles and themes in order to be anything other than the mundane, derivative "thriller" that it is.

Christopher S (ru) wrote: Another in the long line of Horrible Direct to video sequels that really don't have anything to do with its predecessor other then the movie title they paid the studio for. Long story short... don't waste your time with it and don't expect too much. This movie belongs in the discount bin at the end of the aisle. The fact that they charge a MSRP of 29.99 at most stores is laughable.Lots of people will watch it because they think it has something to do with Keanu's Street Kings. Well, you'd be wrong. Street Kings 1 was a gritty story of a rogue cop who is pushed past his limits by corruption, greed and violence. Keanu Reeves played the role perfectly and Forest Whitaker gave an awesome supporting performance as well. That film also had a great supporting cast, from Chris Evans, Terry Crews, Hugh Laurie & Common. Plus Action from beginning to end. Street Kings 2?... Nothing to compare. Storyline has been told a thousand times before. Bad cop, good cop, revenge, nothing new is really added to it. Characters are one dimensional and you don't really care about them. Acting? You wont see that in this movie. Ray's only good movie was the Goodfellas, since then he showed us nothing but mostly mediocre efforts, yet I'm still supporting him due to his dynamic performance in one of my all time favorite films. The best thing about this movie is the ending, because its over. Avoid this one...

Ines M (us) wrote: Couldn't stop yawning while I watched this....

Luke C (br) wrote: Disaster movie at times it can be humorous, but writer/directors Aaron Seltzer, Jason Friedberg put so effort into trashing the film instead of writting it. It's boring but the only character that is funny is Nicole Parker's enchanted raunchy princess. When your movie has Hannah Montana crushed by a meteor and Juno is a spoff and unfunny your movie sucks!

Tina S (de) wrote: So was this what Bill Nighy's Love Actually character was doing in the 60's?

Ollie W (jp) wrote: Beautifully shot, experimental documentary that charts the plights of a small town community of farmers, before and after one of their members (no pun intended) dies from internal bleeding after a jolly good rogering from his lover, a rather well-endowed horse. Surprisingly for a film that deals with such provocative subject-matter and frequently features real life dialogue like, "So what if i like to feel a Horse's nuts in my hands?" this is actually an incredibly sensitive little project that covers the story interestingly, ambitiously and at times, breathtakingly beautifully.

Eno l (it) wrote: Rocky V was supposed to be the last movie in the franchise. But since people didn't like Rocky V he wanted to make one more. This movie wasn't called Rocky VI. Sylvester Stallone named it Rocky Balboa because he wanted people to know this was the last one. But there is still one more. This movie was made 16 years after the fifth one. Rocky Balboa starts with Adrian dead. Rocky sits there with a stool next to her grave because he doesn't have anybody. Paulie still lives with him. Rocky meets little merie from the first movie (Rocky.) Rocky takes her home. Rocky meets her kid Steps. Then Rocky gets a dog. he names it Punchey. Along the way Rocky's son is having a hards time with his job. Then people set up a computer fight Between Rocky and Marsion Dixon the champ. Rocky win the computer fight. Rocky sees it and wants to fight him. He trains with the song Gonna Fly Now and once again runs up the art museum steps. he fights him. At the end not even caring if he won or not Rocky is glad that he fighted him. This movie is great and has some great quotes in them to. I give this movie a 9/10 it was good but not as good as the first or second movie.

Zachary N (es) wrote: Though the protagonist has a charm and a style that could carry the movie (which is funny and clever when it wants to be), it mixes teen drama clumsily reducing the eventual bite and polish to eventual mediocrity. Either be Ferris Bueller or a Gus van Sant film, Charlie.

Daniel P (us) wrote: The cover said it makes the matrix look like childs play. Well considering they came out at the same time, this looks and feels more like Johnny Mnemonic, which was already a good 5 years old by this point. Feels like an 80s film but not in a good way. Even something like Virtuosity feels miles ahead in everyway.

Susan H (mx) wrote: Super fun action and Arnold film!

J K (nl) wrote: hahahahahaahahah!!!!

Matthew S (mx) wrote: Exceptionally made film by Alan Parker which, accurately or not, depicts the great horrors and atrocities of white supremacists under the deliberately blind eyes of the locality in which they fester in all of their malignant hatred. Gene Hackman, as always, is flawless, inhabiting his role as FBI agent Anderson with the amazing nuance, thunder and humour for which he is known. A wonderful supporting cast populates this beautifully shot film.

Samantha S (gb) wrote: Real, stirring, beautifully shot and designed, awful scene transitions (this must have been early avid editing choices), but made up for it with emotional core.

Stephen C (us) wrote: Its testament to Paul Schrader (who make his directing debut here) that he got good performances from his three leads even though they despised each other off camera,that offscreen tension gives the film its hard and rough edge and also makes it one of the best films about the working man Hollywood has ever produced .Zeke (Pryor) Jerry (Keitel) and Smokey (Kotto) all work on the assembly line of a large automobile comapany.All three barely scrape by on the money they earn with Zeke running into trouble with the IRS,Jerry having to work two jobs and Smokey in hock to loansharks.The union does little to help the working man ,infact the union is just a huge corrupt body making kickbacks and screwing the guys at every turn.When Zeke hatches a plan to rob the union the film goes from semi funny to dark morality tale as events spiral out of control leading to bribery,Death Threats and even murder.Scharder never flinches while dealing with this subject and its to his enormus credit that he shows how power corrupts on both sides.Kotto and Keitel are very good ,but for my money its Richard Pryor as the desperate Zeke who takes the acting honours .Pryor was never better than he was here as a guy who would sell his own grandmother in order to get more money ,its a shame Pryor wasnt given more roles like this as he is truly great in this film.Schrader would go on to make toughn and intersting films ,but this film is still amongst one of his best.

Tony H (fr) wrote: Interesting Moon landing film made 19 years before the moon landing. Some parts are startlingly accurate and some - of course - aren't. Some laughable nationalism but a well researched movie, ahead of it's time.

Russell H (nl) wrote: Sean Connery is even more of a pimp when he's old! Not bad.