Bryce has been a crook since he was a kid in the projects. After a violent turn of events he's finally got a shot at the big time. Tony De Luca, one of the biggest crime bosses in the city, is looking to have Bryce get rid of a little problem: a man who can put him and many of his associates away for a long time. Bryce however has problems of his own when his latest dope shipment gets jacked and has to settle the matter, one bullet at a time

In the course of one fateful day, the lives of a drug kingpin, an obsessed cop, a small time dealer and a cunning call girl converge with deadly consequences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Crook torrent reviews

Josh B (ag) wrote: Not a bad little movie.

Johnny K (nl) wrote: War, children- It's just a shot away, it's just a shot away!! :D

Connor A (kr) wrote: Despite little offering of stuff that can be found in 90% of Troma's library, Terror Firmer gets the job done. The very tasteless, trashy and good-hearted job. Plus, Lloyd Kaufman is just priceless.

you k (au) wrote: My rule is: if Jason Priestley is on the cover holding a pogo stick, I don't rent it.

Jenny (br) wrote: What? I didn't even know there was a SBTB movie. I watched this TV show a ton but I'll take a pass on the movie now...

Simon L (fr) wrote: Venus Wars is a textbook example of that dreamy, ambitious era that was the late 80's anime industry: after a generation of geeky guys raised on the first wave of anime had worked their way into positions of power, but before the realities of box office failure drove the industry to safer pastures of TV and girly romance. Venus Wars is a lush, highly detailed, occasionally hard hitting space age war movie with a lot of ambition. Too much, actually, as the animation occasionally stumbles and the script struggles to hold the story up. Still, it's a pleasure to watch the vivid (if shallow) spectacle unfold. They really DON'T make 'em like this anymore.

Matthew C (br) wrote: A good script and solid acting make up for a low budget in this very good conman movie. When a pair of hustlers pull the wool over the wrong mark, they bring down the wrath of a crooked cop and an angry mobster. Based on a novel by Iceberg Slim (Robert Beck), it captures the excitement and the danger of live as a conman. Check this one out.

Haytham K (ru) wrote: A nice old-fashioned romantic movie from the fifties. The scenery is exceptionally beautiful, it would make any viewer long to go to Rome!

Nettie S (au) wrote: A little scary but very funny!!!

Oliver K (es) wrote: The only criticism I have for this brilliant brilliant crime epic is that after a while the sets get a little samey.

Mike N (gb) wrote: Great musical! Love it every time I watch.